Monday, October 29, 2007

Samhain is a coming

After the most torrid and shitty weekend I am feeling a bit more bouncy today. Bouncy is good! I have to go out in about ten minutes to do my last evenings work at the Day Spa I 'used' to work at. My new NHS contract meant it was no longer viable. As I sit here now I really wish I had been a bit more ruthless with my notice period. Hard day at the surgery does not make for the freshest of minds, especially with an hours drive there and back, but never the less it has to be done.

Thought I would leave you all a quick post before I go because it is Samhain on Wednesday. As part of my build up to the big day I have been burning a particularly lovely incense from Star Child and thought I would share the write up with you, to give you all a flavour of what is happening at this point in the turning year ...

The leaves are falling and the life force is in obvious retreat. Nature is preparing for its winter sleep. The Sun God is dead and the Earth Goddess is mourning. But in the hidden depth of the earth, death works its alchemy of transformation. Imperceptibly it decomposes and regenerates so that the litter of leaves and debris become the fertile ground that will nourish next year's growth. The veils between the worlds are thin at this time of the year and life and death are but opposite poles of the same continuously regenerating energy.

Samhain is a time to honour the dead and to contemplate the mysteries of life, death and regeneration. It is a time to turn inwards and in the depth and silence of our souls we confront our shadows and our own mortality.

So there you have it, couldn't have put it better myself (well a bit of that is actually me). In alchemical terms it is a festival of water and earth. Psychic powers, imagination, emotion, wisdom and love blend with practicality, sensuality, prosperity and the material world.

Any divination done on the night will be especially powerful, so get the tools of your choice out and see what the year ahead holds.

I will be spending Samhain out with Pixie, and will be holding my own celebration the following day. My witchletts are not able to meet merrily on the night but we will make up for it at Yule.

Blessed Be!


Pixie said...

And I simply can't wait!!!
love and hugs.

Exmoorjane said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry, long time no visit....and I have missed your blog very much....will scamper over to Pixie's after this for a catch-up there too....

Happy Samhain for tomorrow. I have that incense too. In the past I have always kept Samhain as a personal family festival, with an altar to remember my departed family and friends, and pets...a big fire and some flame-gazing and - of course - some divination. But since we moved to town, my son is desperate for a more sociable affair so I'm catering for half the town's children by the sound of it! But, when they are all gone, I'll cosy up by the fire and see if anyone has anything to say......the veil is thin and you never know. Jxxx

Queen Vixen said...

Pix: Bring your cards! lol

Jane: Missed you - have been away myself for quite a bit of it. Your celebrations sound wonderful. It is a very special and magical time. I think its great that the children enjoy it so much as well. I shall be reading the cards - and performing my own ritual the following day. Some new year resolutions and the like. So glad to hear from you again :o)xxx

Exmoorjane said...

Hey, QV, I LOVE your spelling mistakes!! Thanks so much for your lovely comments.....jxxxx

l-q-s said...

Samhain Shona, QV! May your new year bring you all you wish for with extra sprinkles on top. :)


Hedgewizard said...

Argh, caught a chill on Sunday and now feel like I'm straddling the Veil myself! Have a good day - HWZ x

Kahless said...

Hope you have a grand time.

DJ Kirkby said...

Glad your bounce came back. BB.

Queen Vixen said...

Exmoor: No probs. I love your blog, you write so beautifully and its really good fun to read.

L-Q-S: Here's hoping too, may yours do the same. I am looking forward to that party.

Hedge: Awww you poor old thing. Homebrew plus lemon and ginger is just the thing.

Kahless: Thanks - I did. It was a bit rowdy in Derby but the company was good. My own celebration the following day was lovely.

DJ: It is coming and going. Tonight feels OK - will be doing my pagan blogs on Sunday. Feel that I need to explain my tardy response. Simply time pressure.