Sunday, October 21, 2007

And ....Relax

Well thanks to Kahless I think the little security breach is sorted. Phew! I can breathe easy again - although I am aware you all know where I live now and that I can look smart and professional as opposed to slightly mad with an eclectic dress sense.

I am having a chill today - went out to the new Westfield shopping centre in Derby today. It was fab! I am not one for shopping but the scale and energy of the place was super. With Christmas coming up - I can see a few days being pencilled in for shopping and wandering and sampling the variety of foods in the food hall.

Still not dieting and managing to losing weight! Wish I had worked out sooner that an almond croissant for breakfast is absolutely fine as long as its every so often and does not require a three week deprivation regime to make up for it. The little brown shoes will be mine in a week I reckon and I will post a pick of them to amuse you.


Kahless said...

Yes Indeedee... you are all sorted.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

That's why I use a seperate addy for the blog.

Böbø said...

Glad to see you relaxing. Liking the idea of a almond croissant (non)-diet.


Anonymous said...

Almonds = nuts, therefore healthy and good for you
Croissant = moonlike, subtle and oh so delightfully french.

The French are all thin as posts and stuff them down every day, so I don't believe you will put on even so much an ounce.