Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am a poorly Queenie

Hello everyone. I am sitting up in bed and tapping away at my lap top, I have a really bad cold. I am tempted to refer to it as flu - or man flu even, it feels worse than a cold and not as bad as flu. I have hurty ears and throat, a blocked up nose, I ache all over and am having sweats and shivers.

I rarely get a cold - too many curries! But this one has come out of nowhere and when that happens I tend to look for the emotional causes. I get colds when I let something go - and the big candidates (culprits) at the moment are the exam stuff (its far too late to worry about it now) and the diet stuff! My hunch is the diet stuff. I have been dieting since I was 14 and for the first time I am free of it. As reported I am feeling no urge to sneak a treat, or over eat - I am planning and enjoying modest healthy meals and I was (until the lurgy struck) running everyday.

So what does my body decide to do? - get sick! That puts a stop to the running, it means cooking and good food husbandry takes a back seat (actual husband having to do the food which usually means take aways and pizza) and it bungs me up with lemsip and the like. Sooooo a Type 3 somatic impasse! Oh no no Queenie, we cannot have you give up on feeling bad about yourself, your body and the very thing that allows existence. All the family diet - food is a problem, your father has struggled with his weight all his life, so did his family, you cannot break ranks now, you have to carry on (whisper whisper of the nasty little subconscious messages) Well up yours! No, I have had enough and don't need to buy into this rubbish. You can throw as many colds as you like at me and I shant give in. I will be running as soon as the sniffles have passed and actually i am not eating a thing to help my immune system (nar nar ne nar nah).

So those are my thoughts on the bolt from the blue cold - of course if it is the exam stuff then it could be a Type 2 impasse surrounding the 'don't succeed' injunction laid down by generations of losers, wasters and lazy sods who lie in bed all day and bemoan their fate, or the equally scary ranks of po faced women who surrender their power to care for their husbands and work hard in the church, opting for poverty AND chastity (only the rare woman in my family has the curse - ie high sex drive, yep it was me this time around). So another finger elevated in the direction of the family script. You wont stop me passing that exam so put it in your pipe and smoke it, and go get a. a job b. a damn good s**g

So there you have it, as you can see I am still revising! lol May do the book meme next. I have time on my hands!

PS For the first time ever I am enjoying being ill. Shhh don't tell anyone. I have slept and snuggled in bed all day. Its been ace. Apart from the self employed implications its been super being warm, cosy and plied with echhinachia (spelt incorrectly) tea.


Anonymous said...

I am certain you are right about the emotional thing. I seem to always get sick after - not during, but after - a prolonged stress situation.

I hope you feel better, but not before you get your fill of cozy sleep. C:)

Anonymous said...

And, the deeper the stress, the sicker I get afterwards...

Queen Vixen said...

Aww Craig - (tempted to say poor baby) but wont. I am a firm believer in the emotional origin of illness. Thank you for your warm wishes, awww, I feel better already :o)xxx

Kahless said...

I am in totally agreement about our body telling us things through illness, but then again I am an Alice Miller fan and have read her book, The Body Never Lies.

Rather than the cold in your body working against you, maybe it is telling you that you need to have some rest from the stress around you?

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

hope you are feeling better (but don't let the hubby know, get an extra day in bed!)