Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I passed!!!!!

I passed my exam on Saturday. Not with the flying colours I had hoped for, but I did get 90% which isn't bad. (Not that there is any 'Be Perfect' behaviour going on, oh no no no). But I do tend to focus on the 10% that I dropped as opposed to the 90% I gained.

So to rectify that I am going to celebrate - I passed, I got 90%, I did really well - I took a complex piece of work to exam; No easy peasy counselling skills for me. it was tough, deep and intuitive work and I was bloody brilliant. Pats on my back - champagne all round.

I am now - Queen Vixen Dip Couns with a BACP Accreditation pending. Woo hoo!!!!!

In 18 months I will be Queen Vixen MSc, CTA, Dip Couns and UKCP Accredited.

(Not that there is any hint of an Almost Type II Script in that little statement - oh no no no).

I am so guilty of striving for the next mountain peak so I am going to stop here for a while - on the summit of my Post Graduate Clinical Diploma and breathe in the air of success.

Well done me!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, QV!!!! Congrats and all that's!


Anonymous said...

Oh Congratulations on your celebratory style, champagne. I sooo approve and you sooo deserve this success. I am pleased you are owning the 90% you did well on.

Now thinking attacking my case study after a couple of glasses of Cabernet Merlot might not have been my most cunning plan lol.

Hope you are feeling sprightly after your last client, QV. I am on holiday with the kids till Thursday, so back to mummy mush brain a bit lol.


Pixie said...

Glad to know you're be perfect is out to lunch for a bit.
90% is wonderful.
So when exactly are we having the champagne... you weren't thinking of having a bottle without me were you????
So looking forward to catching up real soon, so much to talk about!!!!
love and hugs

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...


*chinks champagne glass with you*

DJ Kirkby said...

Congratulations! You don't consider 90% 'flying colours'? Does the word 'overacheiver' feature quite frequently in your personal descriptive vocabulary?

l-q-s said...

QV, you're absolutely fucking ace, you know that, don't you? :) Am so pleased for you. And particularly like the idea of taking time to appreciate the qualification you have just EARNED with your hard work. Congratulations. I'm honestly thrilled for you. :)

This probably means you deserve a break in November... *wanders off whistling*


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Well done, QV. Since when, though, is 90% not passing with flying colours? You have an awful lot of letters to remember after your name.

Queen Vixen said...

Craig: Cheers! It feels good.

Hull: Thank you - I do feel proud of my achievment. My mummy mush brain is all gone now, thankfully but it was alive and well up until 6 years ago. At least you are doing the dissertation. That will keep it firing on all cylinders. I start mine on Nov 1st. Going to take October off.

Pix: We will fix something up for week after next - and I reckon Champagne is in order.

Vi: Thank you thank you - it was hard work but all worth it.

Dj: Yes you are right. I had to get a grip! I once spent a week in a darkened room because I got 70% in my biology mock. The highest mark was only 75% but as it was not me, I took to my bed. Time to grow up I think!

L-Q-S: Thank you :o) I do feel great now - and the 24th is getting serious consideration. Need to check up on flights and costs. We can celebrate our birthdays together.

Wakeup: The more the merrier! I did do really well and I am proud of myself.