Friday, November 02, 2007

Its Friday night .... on the sofa

Hello everyone - its the start of the weekend, yay!

Got nothing much to say so I will just write some random stuff. I am in good spirits having consumed a pint of 'loverly cider' and half a bottle of very very good white wine. The new Eagles CD is on the stereo, I like the Eagles - I went to see them in concert this Summer. At least I think it was this year, the whole year seems to have been a blur. But anyway they were fantastic, they still got it even though they are ancient! The latest CD is as good as anything they have ever done. Which brings me to the meme tag administered by Bobo - I have not forgotten oh Mighty one - I have been planning it and will get my finger out over the weekend.

Tonight me, Mr Vix and Baby Vix (14 and red hot!) were watching Frasier. An absolute favourite (reminiscent of the Mighty Bobo mentioned above) and in the episode we were watching there was an altercation between Niles and Frasier about sibling rivalry. I exclaimed to Mr Vix (both of us being first born) that I could not be the youngest, absolutely not .... Baby Vix cleared her throat and gave me one of those fabulous disapproving looks that only offspring can reproduce; she being the youngest. It was priceless .... still laughing about it.

Oh yes, and I am officially a pervert .... having observed Baby Vix flirting outrageously with the lad down the road I observed that he was very broad, very fit and hell, very young!!!! She was outraged and is now seriously worried about my attendance at the village bonfire tomorrow. (BBY VIX NOW! SHE IS CONSTANTLY TLKING ABOUT HIM!!!! and how she ses she can get him in a flash if she cliks her fingers! I'M VERY CONCERNED LOL!! AND VVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY embarrassed!!!!! lol!)

So I think I should sign off now, hanging my over 40 year old head in shame and leave you to enjoy the samhain pics - hope you are all feeling wonderful!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! As the youngest I can honestly say that I would never want to be the oldest. Far too much pressure. It was nice being in the back where no one really payed attention, and if they did they were usually too tired to worry much.

Have a nice weekend C:)

DJ Kirkby said...

Lovely pics, did you make your own robe?

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

hehe, from that post can tell you were a little bit tipsy!

Lady in red said...

love the pics and your cat looks very much like mine.

Kahless said...

Great photo's (hasn't Lewis grown!)
hehehe - tipsy eh?

Anonymous said...

Like Craig I'm also the youngest. With a big age gap between me and my older siblings, I had to keep my wits about me to avoid (SPI)serious personal injury.

My older son gives me disapproving looks over his wee glasses whilst lecturing me on the merits of enhanced forward planning. Bless lol.

What have you got planned for Saturday night?

Pixie said...

cider and wine???? did you get a hangover this morning, then hon?

Hedgewizard said...

Yeah, love the robes! I'm jealous.

Böbø said...

Dear QV you look gorgeous in your top witchy gear. And it's nice to hear that Dirty Old Women are coming out of the closet to join the ranks of Dirty Old Men who have been for so long shamed.

And nice to see Baby Vix speaking with a voice so clearly similar to her mum's!

And for all my (apparent) Frasiersque qualities, I'm a middle child. By the way, I looked up Frasier in the Wiki and it described him as pompous, snobbish, and overly intellectual. Excusez-Moi!