Sunday, August 31, 2008

Village Show

The one thing that is guaranteed to turn a perfectly sunny, clear day into a torrential downpour is a village show!

Our village show was today - this morning I could see all the preparation going on. The stalls being set up, the tents looking splendid in the late summer sun, fairground rides all shiny and enticing. As the start time of 12 noon approached so did the grey clouds, and on the dot the drizzle began to come down in honour of the occasion.

What a shame! Even though the event was a short walk down the road I opted for a Sunday afternoon kip - thanks to the rain. I am ashamed to admit it but I just couldn't be arsed to get all kitted out for wet activity.

What ever happened to Summer?


Fire Byrd said...

That's what I should have been doing instead of buggering about on this computer for hours! And now it's too late... oh well I can have my NCIS fix soon... sigh...
love new avatars BTW

Lady in red said...

I would have done the same too

our summer was a week at end of july then yesterday

Mei Del said...

i did the same, stayed home while the rest went out for a walk and got poured down on, idiots.

trousers said...

Well, I don't blame you either - I'm sure the kip was much-needed too.

Hope you're not too melancholy still, having just read the previous post?

I think if we had proper summers, it would be easier to cope with the thought of the onset of autumn.. x

Trixie said...

*Waves madly*


I'm back from Spain and madly trying to get through the 400 posts on my bloglines. Just to let you know I'm back and will catch up properly soon.

(and it wasn't raining in Spain, to add insult to injury lol)

Anonymous said...

I would have done the same. Napping is infinitely preferable to getting soaked through. Sensible woman.