Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bank Holiday Weeked

I have been away - well you all know that now, but just before I went I had the best time at Fire Byrd's party. Met one new blogger and was struck by how much I like the blog people that I have come across.

There is this perception that bloggers are strange social outcasts, holed up in their one bedroom flats - the living space strewn with decaying pizzas but its not the case.

I had another great night with Fire Byrd, Lady in Red and the inimitable Trousers plus a new addition - Mae (Road to Nirvana). All are delightful, intelligent human beings with a definite twinkle in their eye! Wonderful - roll on the next party, may even throw one myself.

So whats new?

Not much to report really. I was up for a week in Slaley Hall (very posh hotel in Northumberland). I did precisely nothing all week except read, fiddle about in the spa and had the occasional walk. Oh yes ... and I ate, but only within the confines of my healthy eating plan. I am feeling very very pleased with myself. I actually lost 2 pounds. Woooooooo Hooooooo! and I am absolutely committed to loosing the rest of the stone so I can indulge in some skyclad fun hehehe. Its my big incentive. Got to look good naked.

And moving swiftly on ....

So here I am, well rested and satisfied. The crazy stuff starts again in a days time but I am really going to try to keep up with my blog.

I really do enjoy my blog relationships. They are very real and worth falling asleep over my keyboard for.

Love you all xxx

PS: The Goddess of Beauty is my totem for the month - even more reason to keep on with those salads and vegie meals.


Lady in red said...

really glad that you are feelin g relaxed, your holiday obviously did you some good.

welcome back ;-)

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be Queen.

Have a lovely week. I am glad you are back. I have enjoyed reading your blog and was anxious for you to update.

I try to keep track of all my favorite people on blogger, so I have this spiral notebook that has all the names in it with 2 other columns. One labeled 'updated' and the other labeled 'responded'.

Anyway, glad to have you back. I look forward to reading your blog each day.

Good luck with your readings.

McBöbø said...

Good for you QV, out with the Grizzlies and in with the good stuff.

I'm busy nesting … again.

trousers said...

Glad that you too had a good time whilst away, and are rested. It all goes too quickly though, doesn't it?

These were very welcome words to read about blog relationships too - the last week or two especially, I do seem to have had much more interaction with fellow bloggers (and very positive stuff at that) than with my usual friends and acquaintances.

I think the description you give of your fellow party guests (and Fire Byrd herself) applies just as much to yourself. Was good to see you and everyone else :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Glad to see you are posting a bit more regularly and that you enjoyed yourself while away. xo

Queen Vixen said...

Lady: It did - it was a total chill out and I really needed it.

Hecate: Blessed Be! So lovely to have another witch reading my blog. Not sure whether I will be able to update every day. Thats a tall order!

McB: Can you send me an invite to your new tartan blog - i cant get on it.

Trousers: Aww thank you - thats lovely. I have more to say on the subject of blogs, and what they do. As usual too pressed for time today but will be posting shortly.

dj: I am glad to be posting a little more - and I will start reading all your lovely blogs too.

Fire Byrd said...

angel, you are a queen amongst us mere mortals, and I love you to bits. and just don't forget in amongst all of your to do stuff the need for a catch up night in The Bridge.

Queen Vixen said...

Fire byrd: We have resolved the catch up night - although I may jiggle it again. Had another glitch but it will be bringing it forward not back. Thanks for your lovely words