Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh dear - I have been rubbish

Hello, hello fellow bloggers. I have been so so naff lately. So sorry.

I am at a blog party at the moment - and I don't deserve to be (hang your head in shame Vixen) I have not blogged for 4 weeks (Lady in Red tells me so, so it must be true).

I have been so busy. Really, honest ... I have been.

I do love my blog - and need to attend to it. Lovingly cherish it, stroke it till it purrs with satisfaction but instead I have neglected it shamefully.

Well I am here now - Trousers is on his third bottle of wine, Road to Nirvana is so lovely, Lady is telling me to make a new blog ... I like mine although a fresh start does appeal.

Fire Bird is being the most wonderful hostess as usual. I do have to drive at midnight and have just had my final glass of champers. In order to be good .. am I ever good ... I mean really, in my heart?

So there you are. I have so much to say and will share more with you. May have an identity change. See how the mood takes me.

Love you all.


ladyinred said...

This a good start, welcome back QV


Fire Byrd said...

love you to babe. So pleased you made it here, it is as ever a pleasure to be with you.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.

I look forward to reading more of your blog soon.

I am going up the line in my 'favorite people on blogger' list (yes up the line--I started at the bottom and working my way up the list) and looking for new blogs to comment on.

Have a blessed weekend and hope to see you posting soon.

DJ Kirkby said...

Looking forward to more from you soon. Trousers on his 3rd bottle of wine? Tsk...

trousers said...

Only because the second bottle had to be poured away in its entirety, dj, due to being corked...

Trixie said...

Dammit, so annoyed I couldn't get there... AGAIN!!!

hullabrouhaha said...

Adopting a new identity does bring fresh energy and inspiration.

Enjoy your hols, my dear.


McBöbø said...

Yes, you've been totally rubbish. Multiple holidays hardly count as "busy"! Honestly!!!!

But, way-hay, glad you're back.

DJ Kirkby said...

Trousers...I believe you...sure I do... ;*

Queen Vixen said...

I have been on yet another holiday which explains the quiet patch(again) - I guess the paranoid in me means that I dont go blogging about being away from home. You never know eh?

Lady: Lovely to see you again.

Fire Byrd: Wonderful evening as always and particularly enjoyed our pre breakfast chat,

Hecate: Welcome to my blog. Great to have you aboard. As you can see I have been remiss of late but will read yours and add you.

dj: Thanks ever so ... and dont believe a word of it, the second may have been corked but he made up for it!

Trousers; Tsk why so shy - you are a man who can hold his liquour, amazingly so!

Trixie: I had your bed - so dont feel so bad lol

Hull: Good holiday was had by all.

McBobo: not been invited to your blog yet so the tartan will have to wait until you deign to do so. Just shows eh ... few weeks off the blog and I am consigned to the trash.