Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it the time of year?

I feel really down. I usually like to be as upbeat as I can on the blog but I feel really low. It may be the time of year - we are coming up to the Autumn Equinox, a witchy festival as well as an astronomical fact. It is a time of balance, a time of winding down for the darker days and the colder weather. Although I love the Autumn and no one is a big a fan of Winter/ snow/ listening to rain lashing on my window than me - but right now the thought of it SUCKS!

I have a hog roast to attend tonight and in spite of all the weather forecasts promising a bit of warmth and sunshine it is predictably windy and chilly. Again ... it SUCKS! I really don't fancy teetering around on a pair of heels, trying not to sink in to the turf, grasping a glass of chilled (and most probably cheap) wine while I try in vain to find anything that is not pork to eat. Bit hard at a hog roast.

My daughter is also due home at any minute and I am dreading it. She has been away for a week at her boyfriends house. This is a first REAL boyfriend. She has had a string of mild flings of the schoolgirl variety but this young man is 17 and planning to do marine engineering. She has spent her first week with him at his house (chaperoned of course) by the seaside and I am anticipating tears, and moping and general teenage angst. Groan! That is definately going to SUCK!

I am sure I will cheer up after my bath and maybe the cheap wine will help. I always get melancholy at this time of year so its a bit of a ritual really.

I shall sign off and have that bath. Good to be blogging again. Take care.


Lynn said...

I don't do well with the shift into autumn, either. I can understand the dread of worrying how your daughter might feel when she comes home, too. It is so much harder to deal with that kind of thing when feeling out of sorts.

Queen Vixen said...

Lynn: Well I am glad its not just me. My daughter was tearful but she is doing really well. In a way I am relieved the 'young man' is far enough away for it to be weekend get togethers. She has her exams this year and I dont want any bloke buggering it up.