Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick check in

Wanted to spend some time today updating my Blog and writing my thoughts on 'being seen' on the blog too ... as usual I ended up doing my admin, but you were all in my heart. I figured that a small post is better than no post at all.

So here it is.

A very small post.

I have spent most of the day puffing and panting (plus ranting) at all the things I have to do. I will not be able to believe it when I no longer have to prove myself to all and sundry.

Its going to be another year though as I wont hit my dissertation deadline (too much sloppiness in the early stages and a general blase/rebellious attitude). However I have some treats planned for when I do. World of War Craft gets loaded on my computer the minute I finish the poxy thing. I know its the territory of geekdom but I AM a geek, I like Star Trek and Star Gate - what more proof do you need. At Easter when all my exam tapes, transcripts and psychiatric placement are done then I start the prestigious OBOD Druid course. Oooooh cant wait! Its a big incentive.

Right that's enough ... I am off for a curry and a skin full of alcohol. Sod tomorrow!

Hugs xxx


trousers said...

A curry and a skinful? Good on you! x

McBöbø said...

Really, liking Star Trek and Star Gate is very normal. It's the Tangerine Dream that makes you (slightly) geeky, but only in a witchy way.

Fire Byrd said...

sometimes we just do not resonate with on another... LOL Star Trek.... you should try NCIS, Agent Gibbs is my hero!
Do not knacker yourself straight away!

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.

I so love NCIS--as well as Law & Order (all 3), C.S.I. (all 3),and Star Trek The Next Generation--I LOVE #1--he's so HOT!

I wish you luck on your Druid course. I wish I could find one. I would love to study Druidry.

Well, have a great week, and don't strain yourself too much.

Queen Vixen said...

Trousers: The curry and skin full was ace. The pasta and a bag of jelly babies not so good. That was tonight and I feel sick as a dog.

McBobo: Not a geek? Phew! This from the man with the tartan motif lol Thanks for the vote of no geek confidence.

FireByrd: Too late I am knackered already. Not seen NCIS - I am obviously missing something

Hecate: Blessed Be! Glad you like the Star Trek thing too. Voyager is my favourite spin off - I am all for lady captains. As for Druidry You could do the postal course that I am going to be doing. You can do it from home although you may find it difficult to find a Seed Group and Grove.