Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little Parcel of Loveliness

Here I am a little more refreshed! I have got something to blog about today. As my long term readers may know, I am a BIG fan of Lush. Lush products are totally heavenly. They are mostly natural (just the odd synthetic ingredient) they are ethically sourced and all the packaging is recycled. Lush also do not use Palm Oil in their products. The demand for Palm Oil is decimating the forests of Indonesia, and leading to whole scale destruction of natural habitats ... and for what? So we in the west can wash our hair/face/body with the latest detergent ridden products! To my knowledge Lush are the only cosmetic company who do not use this in their products. This is why I do not mind paying a little extra for the luxury. I would rather pay £10 for a pot of low environmental impact moisturiser with recyclable packaging (bog standard no frills) than pay less for high impact popular cheapy or more for the indulgent, extravagant and essentially unnecessary expensive products.... OK enough of the rant.

Yesterday I ordered some bath treats, conditioner, moisturiser and soap. I ordered online at and this morning when I woke up there it was on my doorstep. How good is that? I was thrilled. First time I have not trekked into town for my Lush fest - it will be online for me now! The bath ballistics, and bubble bars and other scrummy bits were packed in a recyled carboard box filled with popcorn - a totally biodegradable filler.

I am now looking forward to a soak later on - a clean body and a clear conscience. So readers, I would urge you to check Lush out and bring a little environmentally friendly luxury into your life.

OK - now for the form filling. Had to share that first before I can concentrate on 'patient pathways'. Hugs xxx


FrauKlug said...

Sigh, LUSH is wonderful...expensive as hell, but wonderful.
Iam already dreaming of the soap they only make for Yuletide..I can't remember the name, but it smells of oranges and spice...

Queen Vixen said...

Frauklug: Great to see you. Black smith! Fantastic! Glad to find another Lush fan.