Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thomas Dolby - I am an 80's chick after all

Now I have an hours drive to work I am playing all of my Cd's in order. I am finding it such a good experience. I play one from the beginning of the alphabet then one from the end (anal I know - blush!) then one of Bobo's Cd's that he so lovingly burns for me from time to time.

At the moment its Evanescence and Tangerine Dream with an Ambient Trance vol II. However .... it WAS Thomas Dolby. I was a little reluctant at first but then ... oh my goodness. I was transfixed. I was back to sixth form - Sarah Ferguson hair ribbons, ra ra skirts and new romantics. Bliss! The point at which I was too frightened to be fully me ... but now ... revisiting from a place of power - orgasmic! - nostalgia ... oh yes!

Thomas was the epitome of it all. Europa and the Pirate Twins, One of our Submarines and the evocative Airwaves which had it had had a love song lyric would have been one of the all time greats. I wouldn't change it though .... augmented fifths a plenty to the literary backdrop of pylons and urban isolation. Pass me my curling tongs and off the shoulder number. Wonderful stuff!

I was a science chick - biology, chemistry AND physics A grade at O level, AND at A level. Oh Thomas ... who extolled the virtues of the brainy girl. My hero!

Vive la 80's and amen to teenage angst and passion!


Exmoorjane said...

Ah OK, this fixed you in time - you must be a few years younger than me! Tangerine Dream, by heck? Didn't *do* Thomas Dolby for some odd reason... Curling tongs hadn't reached Carshalton so my poor mother used to spend hours upon hours plaiting my (masses of) hair into teeny tiny plaits to get the mad Kate Bush look.
Science - wow.....I was an arts girl all the way. Physics made me sob.

Trixie said...

None of this made sense to me. Didn't realise Oz 80's was so different from UK 80's!

Böbø said...

Awww glad to know there's a little bit of me with you as you potter about the midlands.

DJ Kirkby said...

I was a science chick too!

trousers said...

Whether I'd have the same opinion now....but as I remember, his first album was rather good - the one with Windpower and She Blinded Me With Science (the latter mainly just to hear Magnus Pyke shout "SCIENCE!!") My brother had a copy.

So I bought the second album - the one with "Hyperactive" on it....and it was very lame and disappointing and I got rid of it soon afterwards.

As regards being anal...well I've never kept my cds in any kind of order - but once, a couple of years ago, I took them all out of their racks and put them in a big pile on the carpet, the idea being that each cd would go back onto the rack once I'd listened to it. It took me just over 6 months.

Gordie said...

Thomas Dolby is as big a brainbox as ever - he managed to get a gig as the house band for TED Talks! Do you read his blog?

I was very amused to hear he'd written a song called "Your Karma Hit My Dogma", but it hasn't worked it's way into my consciousness yet.

Queen Vixen said...

Exmoor: The plaits - yes I remember. My Dad used to do it for me, he had endless patience. I was an arts chick too. Loved English, music and got a prediction one in art. That was the problem - always two directions I could go in. NOthing much has changed!

Trix: Well it probably wasnt but I was a strange science chick (arts chick - see above) and Thomas was one of those obscure 'cool' artists that not many people liked which was his appeal.

Bobo: Your DNA will be present, if only on the outside of the cd case.

dj: Yay for science chicks.

Trousers: Second album was rubbish. Piles of cds do make good places to put mugs of tea. Can see how it happened. Have you heard of Dark side of the Moog? May be up your street. I am becoming a big fan.

Gordie: Wow someone new - and with some clever stuff to say. Will check out your blog.