Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Admin week is over - woo hoo!

Its done - its all sorted!

That means its not really done but its all arranged into pretty paper folders with 'to do' lists relevant to each folder inserted in the front cover.

Phew! What a relief.

I have managed to do a lot too - got lots of niggly jobs done - I know where I am and its a satisfying feeling.

I am also aware of what a tedious madam I have become on this blog. Must reconnect to a bit of proper Queeny - start debating some spiritual issues etc

However my Faerie guide this new moon was quite clear - GET THE BLOODY JOBS DONE THEN PLAY!

That's not really my Script pattern - I like having fun first then paying a heavy price - but I have buckled down (winged, moaned and bewailed my fate) and have done it. I feel all fresh and sparkly! Will be even more sparkly soon as I have a Lush glittery bath ballistic to use - it promises to contain a silver butterfly inside its fizzing glory.

I shall let you know!

I am taking my African Shaman into the bath with me - not literally of course (damn it) but in literary form. Malidoma Patrice Some - check out his writing, it is exquisite; really moving stuff about the clash of culture. Its sounds heavy but somehow its not - the human spirit soars from its pages and his reverence for the earth, its spirit and manhood is breathtaking.

Manhood is currently a big topic for me - so many lost young men come to me seeking help (psychologically) and there is work to be done in empowering men again, empowering them to be true men with strength, sensitivity and spiritual wisdom.

I shall debate it more - at least that last little paragraph was a tad more interesting than my organisational exploits.

Take care y'all! xxx


Bollinger Byrd said...

Yep lots of men have gotten to a place of disempowerment, or they've got stuck in roles of ruling the roost, neither of which is satisfactory in a modern day relationship. But then most men are still terrified of feelings and rather than admit it get themselves to a very bad place indeed. But hey keeps us employed!
It's the soldiers returning I'm worried about.

trousers said...

I would be interested to see what you might further write about manhood/male disempowerment (both from a general and a personal point of view).

But I disagree that your non-spiritual blogging is tedious - For example I still remember with a smile your rant about road signs and speeding tickets, I think it comes to mind when I'm on my cycling route and go past a particular sign (which doesn't flash and tell me to go slow these days, so maybe they've fixed it).

Glad you've got your jobs done - I've started a bit of a clearout and getting things organized: I've by no means finished but I feel better for it, as far as I've got x

Exmoorjane said...

Yeay to Malidoma Patrice Some - truly fabulous writing (though haven't read him for many years now so memory is fading - note to self, re-read).
Will look forward to reading more on manhood - having a young son, it's a big issue for me. So far my boy is a lovely mix of bravery and reticence, forthright 'go get 'em and stomp on 'em' mixed with acute sensitivity. He's a Scorpio so a deep little soul (with a healthy/unhealthy? fascination for the dark side of life and death). jxx