Sunday, June 15, 2008

So missed this

Hello, hello, hello. So missed blogging. I really have. So good to be doing it again. I love being creative and have to say that Tony inspired me today - he has started following me on Twitter. Now there is another little something that I have been neglecting - so thanks Graffiti, your little smidgen of attention has worked wonders :o)

Things are OK for me at the moment but I have been neglecting my friends. I have been so caught up in all the hoops I have to pass through to be recognised as a competent human being that I have lost touch with everyone.

So my apologies you wonderful people. I really value being part of networks. I so love everyones'individuality, the special things ... the nuances of character.

In fact I may indulge in a little Boboesque stroke fest of all of you on my blog roll - because you are all ace! I am feeling all loved up and happy.

I am going to a festival too ... first time so its just a Saturday day pass but its a step forward. Life is soooo good! I feel like I am finally where I should have been, the road less travelled worked out Ok in the end.

Love you all!


Lady in red said...

glad to see you feeling so positive long may it last



Queen Vixen said...

Thanks Lady - just got back into the swing of things. Working down my blog roll - will get to you tomorrow. Hope all is well for you. We need another blog party xxx

Graffiti said...

Hello Queen Vixen,

Those damn hoops!!! and I am glad my twittering helped you get beck in contact with us all.

Look forward to hearing from you more


Trixie said...

Hey sweets! Glad to have you back! Bollinger Byrd told me how busy you have been, that you've even been ignoring her! lol.

Where's the festival?

Böbø said...

Good to see you're alive and well, and getting paid too. But there's no point having a rich and fulfilling live if you don't blog and tweet about it!

So strokefest away. You know you want to!

Lady in red said...

hey QV don't be too down about not getting in the book I didn't either but I shall still buy it I counted at least a dozen of my friends who did get in. They will just have to publish our efforts next time

trousers said...

Lovely to see you qv, and to see you on good form x

Nick said...

"All the hoops I have to pass through to be recognised as competent" - tell me about it. I've spent months filling in those awful equal ops job applications where you have to explain exactly how you've used the various skills they're looking for. Exhausting and mind-numbing! Still, it looks as if a new job finally beckons....

Bollinger Byrd said...

I'm so pleased your in a good space it's been a long time coming.... too much work and not enough fun.... see you on the 30th
well this stroke fest be as good as the cheese one?

Exmoorjane said...

I've been away too....not much posting or reading - too many men (ho ho - all builders! - ask BB) and not enough blogging. then again, have to get some (paid) work done or the builders will down tools (noooooo). I have finally started putting together a blog roll (BB's influence again) so will visit a lot more now I hope.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

It's nice to read that things are going well for you. I hope a little of it rubs off on me.

Kahless said...

Hi Vix.

Mr Pineapples said...

Oh Me Gawd

Queen Vixen said...

Grafitti: Damn hoops indeed, its all I can do to stop myself packing it in and running wierdy retreats somewhere odd.

Tricks: Its in matlock - just a weeny festival but I am going to start small so its not a shock to the system (being used to extreme luxury as I am).

Bobo: I will stroke soon - after I do my paperwork. A need to stroke is swelling.

Lady: Still gutted - more irritated actually. will be interested to see what type of articles made it. Sure it will be a great book.

Trousers: xxx

Nick: Yep that sounds about right - I will tell you about it. I am going to have a rant on the blog. Beware to be forever disillusioned with the mental health service.

BB: Looking forward to it.

Ex: More of exmoor? - bring it on!

Wakeup: Awww - well go inside and find the peacefull core of you - thats what I have been doing.

Kahless: Hi Kahless xxx

Mr P: Not sure if that was a sheesh (slaps forehead) or a kind of manic smile, open arms kind of comment. Either way - hi!