Friday, June 20, 2008

Bring on the Fire

Only one client today. I turned down two others - it was entirely for self protection. I have to contain the paperwork monster and its becoming clear that a day a week is minimum requirement to keep from being dragged off by said monster and kept in a dungeon.

I had a client phone up last night - she wanted at least half an hour free therapy on the phone. I had had a drink so I was not able to oblige. I had a client get rather irritated when I refused to do an hour and a half session at 6pm tonight. (making my finishing time 7.30) - even though I explained that I really do not have the energy or resources to work that late on a Friday (I am fried). I also had a client leave a number of messages wanting to turn up at lunch time today to be squeezed in. Again I said no - I had plans to catch up. I do find it hard to say no but am learning that no one is going to say no for me (or rescue me from my own helpfulness) so I have to do it for myself.

I am also attempting to make my experience a little more of a soul satisfying experience. I get rather depressed in clinical reality and have to have something a little spiritual to be able to breathe and feel ok. So just before I tackle the pile I am popping out to get a 'Fire' candle to burn in my study. It is the Solstice tomorrow and for me this marks the end of the realm of Air - logic, thought and academic endeavour and into the new era of Fire - passion, inspiration, action and productivity. So I am going to get a bright red candle and light it, and invite its dancing flame to inspire me to greater productivity and inspirational achievement.

Catch you later!


Exmoorjane said...

Very good that you can keep your boundaries. Crikey, people have nerve, don't they?
I have been burning an amber candle today in an attempt to motivate far it's not having a huge effect, but I'll keep persisting! Have a great weekend....Happy Solstice! Not sure I'll be doing my usual fire ceremony outdoors, the forecast is abysmal!

Kahless said...

Glad you can say no and look after yourself. Though I am assuming if one of your clients was in real crisis then you would listen to them?

Queen Vixen said...

Exmoor: Solstice blessings to you too - open air ritual - eeeh that sounds grand. I went to Avebury for the Solstice a couple of years ago. The drumming and fire dancing was great but the pratts dropping litter who were just there to party were not so great. I got asked if I was a witch in a kind of incredulous way which says it all. There were not many genuine pagans. Anyway moving on - I have my phallic candle all ready, my starchild solstice incense and will be up with the sun to connect with the planet as the year turns.

Kahless: Of course - yes absolutely - I have a contract with all my clients that if they are in crisis (suicide/homicide/sectionable behaviour) that they call me. This on the other hand was about a difficult social interaction which had left my client feeling foolish. As her appointment was for today anyway there was no reason why she could not wait and endure her feelings over night. It would have been ethically unsound for me to offer anykind of insight into transactions etc after two glasses of wine. A crisis situation would have been a different matter requiring a rapid assessment of danger and then alerting the crisis team. I am nice really ... honest! :o)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the solstice,I could do with some more fire in my life to spur me on. The solstice is also an auspicious day for my sister to marry.

Well done for maintaining your boundaries, doing otherwise is unethical.

Queen Vixen said...

I will Hull and I hope you enjoy yours too - although I know it will be tricky for you. I feel good about the boundaries - got a feeling the one may still turn up tonight but I will be in the bath by then ;o)

trousers said...

Good for you for being able to say no. The more that you keep to such reasonable boundaries, the less (overall) people are going to try and take the proverbial.

Note to self: make sure you do the same! x

DJ Kirkby said...

Well done for setting and protecting your boundaries. Thinking of you as you light your candle and sending you wishes for a white flame.

Kahless said...

lol Vix.

So a client would ring you up when they have just killed someone?
Personally I would call the police straight away rather than the crisis team lol!
actually theres a thought. What would you do if one of your clients rang you up to say they have just murdered someone?

Queen Vixen said...

Trousers: Taking the proverbial is so horrid but it does happen until the stop sign is strongly illuminated. Its about taking care of yourself and that models it for the patient.

dj: Thanks - I have had a multitude of candles lol and some lovely customised incense going. I got up at 4am and sat out in the garden - watched the sun rise - it was tranquil and powerful. A real spiritual experience.

Kahless:Well I meant that they had detailed suicidal or homicidal ideation - obviously not done it. I would be a clairvoyant more than a therapist lol If they did phone to say the deed had been done then I would call police but CMHT as well - as a Section would be the best way forward for them.

I have had patients call when they had taken an overdose. Its really scary. Lots of responsibility.