Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice

I watched the sun rise today. It was wonderful. As I look out at the drizzle and the lack of light now, it is hard to believe that the dawn was clear, bright and dry.

I got up at 4am - made a cup of tea and read a little then ventured outside at about 4.30 and stayed outside until the sun rose above the horizon. The Sun - element of Fire - the powerhouse of life itself. Its energy photons are what sustain us all. The plants convert it into a usable form and then the energy travels up the food chain. Upon death the plants fertilise the next generation through returning the energy to the soil - and over vast ages that energy gets stored in fossil fuels - the blood and bones of the planet. How reckless of man to chop down the very means by which we live and to burn up, plunder and squander the vast store houses of energy that have been laid down for millions of years.

Reckless indeed.

As I sat and watched the roseate glow on the horizon,the light growing ever stronger, I observed a plane fly across the sky. How ironic - man and his greed, his need for more than is needed to live, love and be happy. There was the epitome of wastefulness; burning fuel and belching out fumes just at the moment the source of life was rising on the longest day in our Northern hemisphere - smiling down on our beautiful, fragile planet.

The birdsong was joyful and plaintive - do you know that rooks caw three times in a row. I didn't until I sat and observed. My cats were thrilled to have me outside so early - they frolicked on the grass and sensed the excitement and the reverence.

The sun rose. I delivered my salutation and was humbled by my smallness. I asked for a Blessing and offered my energy in return. I vowed to preserve as much energy as I could. Stop boiling kettles for cups of tea that then don't get made, turn off the lights when not needed, recycle and buy recycled goods, share lifts. Small offerings made in gratitude.

Solstice Blessings!


Kahless said...

I went to bed at 4am this morning!!!!

I just caught the sun start to peek out. I love the sound of birds that time of morning.

I am a dedicated re-cycler (everything I can) but I need to do more to reduce my energy consumption. I will try too.

Happy solstice Vix!

Lady in red said...

I had been wondering if you might be among the crowds at Stone Henge this morning

I am please you enjoyed your own little salutation

Bollinger Byrd said...

I to was up at 4am, having to sort out family crisis!
But at this time of year I'm awake most days then.... but if I do insist on open windows and no curtains what do I expect!
Really glad you are imposing boundaries, they are so important to our well being, sod the clients!

Exmoorjane said...

The smallness is so humbling, isn't it? Am in the process of insulating our house within an inch of its life - but the greed will always be there and it's just so frustrating.

Trixie said...

4 am is when I went to bed... missed it all! lol

l-q-s said...

Have been deeply unwitchy of late and missed out on the rising sun. Finding myself somewhat depressed by the greyness of the days, drizzling and gloomy and changeable. But I have learned a bit about needing less in recent years and it's a very freeing feeling.

Wishing you days of sunshine and light. xx

trousers said...

I missed it, I was up at the rather slovenly hour of 7am. It sounds like it was really special though: although I don't personally mark events such as the solstice (not in any formal way anyway), I can appreciate such moments of observation and reflection - and there is something magical about watching the dawn break.

Queen Vixen said...

You are all beautiful. Will comment more tomorrow. Individually because I know that a blanket comment is a cop out after (cough) glasses of wine.