Sunday, July 06, 2008

Few odds and sods

Thank you thank you thank you all you lovely people who commented on my blog - I know I have not got round to replying to your comments or reading your blogs - I am in a 'blog flap' as I know I have been neglecting you and my precious blog which I love ever so much.

However - here is the plan today

1. Apply for my own job
2. Complete my application for another MSc - I am pretty sure I wont have to go through with it as there are other more suitable courses but it has to be done for 1.(see above).
3. Apply to become a member of the BABCP - necessary for 1. but nowhere near as onerous as applying to the BACP.
4. Bless the new trees planted in my garden.
5. Blog.

I have a Barb-b-Que to attend later on - a couple of friends who magnetically attract wet weather. Look up - see!

Just before I get down to it I have one question for you to ponder. Gay men - do they fly under the radar? I really love gay men (well the ones that I know) and allow them in ever so close. Much closer than your average straight man. I am going to be initiated in October and the High Priest performing the ritual is a gay man. This has led to much muttering amongst certain (bitter) circles about gay men gaining access to the inner sanctum of women. Discuss.

Catch you later!


Exmoorjane said...

This made me smile as echoed so many of my own thoughts lately, partic re blogging. Re gay men, oh yes, they get right under the radar (but in a good way I usually think). Some of my gay men friends got way closer than even female friends. Re the initiation I think it's your call entirely. Personally, I think it comes down to the energy of the person involved..... I often find that gay men and women share a similar energy. The only problem I think that comes up sometimes is in tantra where you often need the polarities. But your call surely!

Kahless said...

Too heavy a question when I have just got up!

Bollinger Byrd said...

Watch out for low flying gay men then. Bit like stealth bombers. Get close to you without you noticing and then you just wouldn't want to be without them.

Anonymous said...

Being initated by a gay man sounds wonderful. I envy you.

Lady in red said...

gay men yes they do get under the radar. my gay friend was very coy about coming out he was worried that his female friends would hate him if they knew he wasn't the macho man he potrayed. I think he was very relieved when I told him that I already knew. I knew the first time I met him. We lost touch about 2 years ago and I was only thinking earlier I really should try to get in contact see how he is.

Queen Vixen said...

Exmoor: Well yes I know what you mean about polarities - I can assure you there have been enough ritual polarities evident in many of my celebrations (cough! shuffle!) I am rather looking forward to the Gay High Priest. Very powerful man apparently. Plus our High Priestess will be performing too, so as far as appendiges are concerned it will be covered :o)

Kahless: I know what you mean - thats why I did not say more

BB: Well yes - they are magnetic, hypnotic and incredibly sexy flirts. Every woman should have one.

Hull: I am super excited by it all. I have to choose the Goddess that I will be manifesting. Pretty shure I know which one already but one or two are making alternative suggestions.

Lady: Go for it!

Gordie said...

You're giving me visions of an esoteric Gok Wan... (smiles)