Friday, May 30, 2008

Such a mix

I have 5 minutes before QI so I will be quick. My week of admin is grinding to a halt - it has been an at the coal face sort of a week - the sort of a week I run a mile from. All practicality and jobs that HAVE to be done. I like to inhabit a twilight world of vaguely clever fantasy ordinarily but this week the bills, the course requirements, the job criteria and hell! the parking fines all intervened and squatted in a bit ugly pile on my version of reality.

Just looking down my list of things still to do,

Update my logs
CRB check (buggered up the first attempt)
Write Section C - too much admin cluttered my ability to create
Prepare for my group Tuesday
Join BACP - still too daunting, the 70 page long form is hiding under the bed waiting to terrorise me in the long, dark night.
Send off deposit for a wonderful family constellations course.
Pay speeding fine
Blog (well there is one success)
Renew my Pagan Federation membership
Research the Goddess Conference, local music festival and highly dodgy couples workshop
Work out whether to go to Peru next year on a walking challenge.

Still lots to do - and I have left stuff out. At least I know what it is - knowledge is the first part of the sorting process.

Hope to blog tomorrow - in the meantime Steven Fry beckons!


trousers said...

At first I thought it said, "Update my legs" - wonder what that says about me?

You'll feel good when you've gotten through the list though :)

(the word verification I have to type in, is "ykaho," which to me sounds like a Russian sneeze)

Queen Vixen said...

Sounds like you have been on the pop - lol - hello Trousers, How you doin? Are we still on for that drink?

Or maybe a blog walk.

trousers said...

I'd not started on the pop at that point - but I'd been out for a big cycle ride, which might explain it :)

Yep I'm on for that drink, definitely x