Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Skint with a week off

Hello all!

Once again I apologise for being sloppy with my blogging. I went away to Glastonbury for the weekend and took leave of my senses in the wierdy shops ... I spent a lot. The Buddhists would have me down for a lot of self grasping behaviour, the wiccans would celebrate the abundance. I am just going to have to stay in for 3 weeks with no trips out, treats or meals with friends in order to make up for my excessive spending spree.

Still, I got some great stuff - lots of books, incense, witchy things and a particularly phallic fire candle in readiness for Solstice in June. Job done!

I am having a week off to catch up on all my admin and paperwork and to write Section C of my dissertation. Unfortunately admin and paperwork is necessary to secure my new job whereas the dissertation can afford to drift by a couple of months. There are a lot of 'chicken and egg' decisions to make at the moment. What comes first? What needs to be done to facilitate the rest - kind of stuff. I am doing my best to stay cheerful but nothing puts me in a foul mood more than an 'epitome of the nanny state, prove you actually exist and are not a two headed Mongolian, anal, crappy, rant provoking' CRB check.

Right I am off to do a bit of shopping in Derby - not personal shopping but birthday shopping for my dear old Mum (all budgeted for) then its back to the CRB check, the Uni application form, the BACP accreditation form (70 bloody pages long - can you believe it? - I cant).

Will catch you later. Hugs xxxx


Böbø said...

YAY! The Queen lives!

Well done on your abundance. It's not grasping if you really really needed it.

The CRB check is fine. Just don't fill in the bits you're not meant to fill in any more, like someone I (ahem) know did.

Poopy admin. I still have to do Sections A and B, and work on my Accreditation by Prior Learning form to move my Masters up to Edinburgh. Can't people see I have a paint brush in my hand?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you today as I drove through the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. There as a huge selection of witchy shops for you to savour when you come and stay.

All the best with the new job. It sounds like a mountain of admin, I hope you get some play time too.

I love Glastonbury too. It's really out there and and deliciously satisfying.

Bollinger Byrd said...

Just get the BACP form filled in woman, then there will be no holding you back in the job stakes.
As for going out, make a sandwhich and we'll sit in the park with a bottle of cider between us and yell objectionable comments at all passers by.... LOL
PS I'm sane again.... thanks x

Queen Vixen said...

Bobo: The Queen lives indeed! I have buggered up the CRB check - great minds think alike, it seems. Why have vast areas of the form that you are not supposed to fill in?!!?

Hull: Looking forward to those wee north of the border witchy fests! Wonder if Scotts witches have a harder edge - maybe the whole Macbeth motif means they look down on us English ones with an air of celebrity.

Boll: Glad to hear about the sanity! Always a good thing to have. Will be taking you up on the cider and park bench. I dreamt about you last night - so must mean we need another damn good night out .... on the bench.

Exmoorjane said...

Now madam, next time you come down to Glastonbury, let me know and we'll have a peppermint tea or whatever together...and can indulge in a little abundance training together!!! jxx

- I was there a few weeks ago to meet some fellow bloggers and was Very Good - just some oils from Starchild (I'm heartbroken that they no longer do their tantra massage oil)....