Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wow I can post again.

I have not been able to post. No matter how hard I tried. No matter how much positive thinking was employed. My dashboard would not work.

I considered uninstalling Norton antivirus - I appealed to the all knowing Bobo for advice - but thankfully Blogger have sorted it.

Normal service has been resumed.

Got loads to say but have just drank a bottle of cider and a bottle of wine so its a bloody wonder I am managing to write anything.

Must tell you about my moot ... and about the Age of Horus ... and about shamanism in general. I met a real live shaman this week, someone who had been to the edge of death and seen stuff ... moot chieftan to boot. See I have loads to say but just to pissed to say it.

Love ya all!


Böbø said...

Awwww my wellied friend, enjoying the life enhancing properties of cider and wine! Glad you can be you again in your blog.

Waiting to hear all about your magickal world and the non-magickal too.

Hope you're not feeling too rough this morning.

Graffiti said...

That Bobo can do magic as well


Anonymous said...


WoW Gold