Thursday, April 10, 2008

Will be blogging at Weekend

Hello, hello all you lovely bloggers.

I am having a weekend off this weekend - (after being ill, going to conference, then straight back to work, private clients on top of that - supervision all day Saturday, housework Sunday, work all week, private session this evening - 4 tomorrow)...I am so looking forward to A BLOODY WONDERFUL WEEKEND OFF.

Top of my agenda is blogging - well actually its 'lush' bath first, shave legs and stuff (shuffle) then blogging and responding to emails and generally catching up on the friendships that have been unattended for a while - including my cyber ones. Phew!!!

I was supposed to be writing part of my dissertaion this weekend but I cant do it all - and I am not prepared to either; So I am going to fiddle about and sleep and sort out my menus (yes I do weekly menus - all very obsessive compulsive of me).

Just one bit of news ...

I got a BLOODY speeding fine AGAIN - those dratted cameras, its deliberate! The one that caught me is on 'the Stafford road towards bloxwich' those of you that know it will be aware its a nightmare. There must be 15 cameras and 15 cunningly disguised different speed restrictions. Is it 40 or maybe 50, perhaps it just went to a 30 - whoops no, its OK - 50 again - wop on the brakes its now 30 with about 3 yards warning. Of course it is a fantastic money spinner for whoever rakes in the ill gotten takings - stolen from law abiding citizens. I now have to fork up £60 and have a grand total of 6 points on my licence. Thinking of joining the association that spray paints lenses of these monsters or sets fire to them - I see it as a public service!

See you soon xxxx


Anonymous said...

Poopy speed cameras.


Böbø said...

Awwww ... me too. When I handed in my license at the Police station the laughing Desk Sargent said "Oh, North Yorkshire, they got me too last year." Which sort of made my Child feel at lot better

trousers said...

Oh, nice to see you QV. I shall ignore the bit about speed cameras - not because I don't sympathise (I do), but just because I don't want to get into ranty mode with this comment.

I hope you make the most of the weekend and of treating yourself to a nice bath and all the rest - you surely deserve it :)

Raise a glass of something to me on Sunday, if you will, and I look forward to seeing further bloggage when you put finger to keyboard.


Vi said...

Know what you mean about blogging. I haven't had a chance to read any for over a week, just getting a free hour to do so now! (Plus hoping I didn't get caught by a speed camera on my way back from london this morning!)

Queen Vixen said...

Hull: Poopy poopy stinky weed cameras.

Bobo: I know what you mean. I guess it happens to everyone - its such a pain in the arse!

Trousers: I will be raising a glass tonight. Happy Birthday Mr Trousers. Have a good one.

Vi: I hope you escape - a pox upon all cameras

Exmoorjane said...

Boo hiss, I HATE speed cameras. I don't believe in speeding per se but some of them are SO ridiculous. I got nabbed on the A303 a while back. And living in the middle of nowhere I NEED my car! So total sympathy.

Sexy Vixen said...

ah speed cameras I remember you do love to hate them a bit lmao

I see you have been thinking about fairy tales haven't you I was reading this and thinking about your comment about my script being a cinderella story thanks much better prospect than Romeo and Juliet