Sunday, April 13, 2008

Post Heisenbergs uncertainty principle ... and getting things done

"Whatever you send out is what you draw back in. Take responsibility for the thoughts and emotions you send out, for they go into the universe and create the events and circumstances that come back to you"

"Its your belief system that runs every moment of your lives"

These are just two quotes from my latest reading material, Living Magically by Gill Edwards. One of my clients bought it for me as a yuletide gift - just before she magically disappeared into the ether. I am enjoying it! My therapist screwed up her nose and gave me a disparaging look when I mentioned it but there again my therapist and I are not generally on the same wavelength. I guess some of it could be dismissed as flaky but most of it is stunningly truthful and carries the 'Life Changing' label in full technicolour.

I am currently examining my own belief system which is full of catastrophic thinking - eek! I am also currently seeking to change my beliefs. I have observed that how we think, what we believe actually does affect what happens to us... or maybe it provides a filter which only allows us to see the things that fit in with our belief system. Now, I am not by any means apportioning blame to the individual - I am not saying that victims of abuse and war and crime 'ask' for these things to happen. I would never suggest such a thing and those that do show a deeply damaging and cruel way of framing experience.

What I am talking about are the things such as - "I can never be thin", "life is hard", "I will never have enough money" etc etc base line beliefs about experience which I do think affects us and shapes our lives.

The one that has recently come to light for me is "I never have enough time". Big theme for me, and one I will regularly churn out. I cant do x,y and z because I never have enough time. I cant call, text, blog because I never have enough time. I am someone who is invariably late! I adore Alice in Wonderland - how does it start? - the white rabbit is late and nervously looking at his watch! Time is a theme for me. I enjoy films and TV that involve time travel, I am fascinated by new scientific understanding of time as a circular phenomenon as opposed to a linear force. Time, time, time.

So I decided today that I DID have enough time, and you know what ... I have managed to do everything that I wanted too. Even a 40 minute journey in the car turned out to be 30 mins (no speeding involved, alas, my points tally is getting way too big). So here I am having blogged again - read everyones' blogs and commented. I have a meditation class tonight and I am twiddling my thumbs. By believing I have enough time - I have enough time.

With one proviso ... I have not done my menus for the week. I have not planned out my healthy lunches and low calorie meals ... so here we have another belief system. "I always have to struggle with my weight". The only task I have not completed relates to facilitating my own healthy weight. See how it works? So now I am off to do that job because I CAN be a healthy weight without having to starve, struggle or be bloody miserable!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... do we believe what we see, or see what we believe? (I think it's the latter)


Nick said...

We all have our own dubious excuses for why we can't do things. One of mine is to think I'm simply not capable of doing something - it's too complicated, too unfamiliar, too demanding etc. Invariably if I actually attempt it, I find I'm perfectly capable.

Queen Vixen said...

Craig: Well yes! Either - depending on your perspective;o)

Nick: Funny how it works eh? You may have a 'dont succeed' message lurking. You are more than capable!

trousers said...

Interesting, if not slightly synchronicitous (is that an actual word?) that I'm finally reading and commenting on your (suddenly very busy) blog again, now that I've told myself I've got the time to do so.

I do think you're right, at any rate: if you tell yourself you've got the time to do x,y and z, then you've more chance of actually doing it. That's certainly been my experience of late, and I think this also strays into the territory of the difference in perception when one is in "thinking" mode as opposed to in "doing" mode. I see myself as a thinker, yet I know I'm far often happier when I make the leap into being a doer.

Queen Vixen said...

Trousers: Thinking being Air energy and Doing Earth. You, I have observed, naturally gravitate to earth (no pun intended) so I guess you will need 'doing' to balance you up. Perception is powerful.

Exmoorjane said...

I love this post - so so true and it sounds like we have very similar thoughts about this kind of self-help book. I like Gill Edwards and many others of the positive thinking brigade but, like you, would never subscribe to the 'I created my cancer by my crap attitude to life' screed.... But yes, yes yes to limiting self-beliefs re time, weight etc.....(and oh so guilty myself!).