Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last night I had one of those girlie nights - ie cauldrons, athames and velvet dresses with unnecessarily plunging necklines.

Its Beltane today/tomorrow. Time of rampant desire and unbridled sexual passion - well at least that's the plan.

All of us jumped the Beltane fire (candle in a cauldron) and I called in a number of energies. One of which was my sparkle. My long term readers will know that my 'sparkle' is vitally important to my well being, and some would say defines who I am. Of late it has been rather feeble. Rather too much going on - most of it tricky stuff that has been rather draining - however there is a stirring. Most definitely.

I invoked my Goddess Freya - so that means my sparkle is guaranteed to return in shed loads.

Spring helps - all of those buds, and sproutings. New jobs beckon. New experiences entice with delicious promise. I called in new friends as well as old and much loved ones. I called in health and vitality, passion and adventure.

Retreats are top of the list - open rituals in groups, drumming out of doors, lots of life enhancing stuff.

Ok so the dissertation has to be written and the new Masters embarked upon.... but as well as that there is the Druidry course and World of Warcraft (my reward for completion of my tasks) new books to be read, new music to be transported by, new films to see. Lots of it - as well as a deepening of all that is in my life already. Drink deeply and life will not disappoint.

Here's to a sparkly future!


trousers said...

"Drink deeply and life will not disappoint" - I like that. Here's to regaining your sparkle (and to "unnecessarily" plunging necklines!)


Queen Vixen said...

Trousers you are ace!

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing that necklines need an excuse to plunge.

Here's to the Spring! C:)

Vi said...

It all sound like so much fun!

Kahless said...

Wishing you loads of sparkle!

Queen Vixen said...

Craig: well mine plunge with or without permission.

Vi: It most certainly is - we could have done with a Green Man though!

Kahless: Thanks K, Sparkle is on its way.