Monday, March 24, 2008

Just about back in the Land of the Living

Hello to you all - and thank you for your comments on my previous post - written oh so long ago. Just as I thought I would have a lovely bank holiday to blog - I got the flu! I mean the real thing.

Has led me to muse upon working too hard and how its not good for the immune system. Plus some very deep thinking on the 'I'm not allowed to be happy' message I carry around in my script. I battle with this little blighter and mostly win the battle but it has a happy knack of popping out on the somatic level just when I feel happy such as A nice long Easter holiday or The fun packed Psychotherapy conference scheduled for the end of the week. Once a wave of deep contentment strikes my 'I cant be happy' musters the troops and comes out full combat mission to strike me down and make me stay in bed, sniffling and full of woe.

Well you know what - I think his time is up because in spite of my illness I have still read, and meditated, sorted stuff out and watched some cracking DVDs. So there - yah boo sucks!!! I am having a delicate chicken and apricot curry tonight - OK so he managed to put the 'chilli explosion' off the menu but so what! Being content in spite of being ill seems to have helped my immune system to rally. I have got out of bed and am being extraordinarily nice to me. I feel better already and will be blogging properly before I hop off to the conference. That's a promise.

I have been tagged by Darth - cheers Mister, I will attend to that and I am going to have to put the Word Verification thingy on for comments. Sorry about that but I have been spammed as Hedgewizard predicted I would.

If you have found my post a little bizarre. Blame it on the fever!


Lady in red said...

So glad to see that you are conquering your illness and the wet blanket that stops you from being happy.

I hope that all trace of illness is soon banished from your system


Graffiti said...

That sounds like not a very nice message QV, "Don't be happy".

However I don't think you are alone with that one. As one would imagine I see a lot of unhappy people in my employment and indeed some seem to be going out of their way in the search for unhappiness. Usually without even being aware of it.

I certainly have my messages but not that one thank goodness.


trousers said...

Nice to see you again, along with the resolve to beat your "I can't be happy" script (I have one of those too, which I can often manage quite well, but not always).

Keep looking after you x

Pixie said...

You just get better and be strong, it works, as you know!
Enjoy the conference and don't drink too much cider or dance with men who can't .... LOL
love ya'

DJ Kirkby said...

Glad you are feeling better and being nice to yourself. I think I am coming down with it...

Böbø said...

Ooooooo, you better be better for the conference, or there'll be words Missy!

Or ...

Get well soon.

Whichever your Child hears better xxx

Anonymous said...

Have the best time at the conference QV.

I hope you are managing a fashion parade before you go to decide on the best party frock for Saturday night. I am sure you will sparkle, despite your illness.

I so wish I was going too. I am trying to persuade Bobo to do a Metcheck on the weather, so he can fully co-oordinate his conference wardrobe lol.


Vi said...

A day watching DVD's sounds perfect to me!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Here's to feeling better. I look forward to illness sometimes as it means I can catch up on my reading.

Kahless said...

Hope you get better soon.

Lady in red said...

Just checking in to say I hope you are ok