Thursday, March 06, 2008

I have had a bollocking

I need to process this - on one hand I am outraged, on the other filled with mortification.

I submitted my last two assignments for my Post Grad Diploma at the end of Feb, as my regular readers will know. I thought I had written them all but it turned out more pounds of flesh were needed. In order not to bugger up my 'Big exam/Masters' progression I used two questions from the dissertation as the basis for the last two assignments.

Still with me? ... good.

As these were being submitted for Diploma they needed 'Short Titles' on the 'Front Sheet' - a piece of paper that gives details of stage of training, word count etc. Having been vaguely aware that trainees have been urged to 'invent' short titles to simplify the process of categorisation (if the assignments are not the 'official' titles given after each topic training) then I condensed the titles and (as I thought) duly obliged. Turned out I should have written 'BigExam'1 and 'BigExam'11. This MAY have been communicated through the medium of a dusty edict issued when the handbooks were given out ... but to be honest it was news to me.

These two assignments are critical for my graduation in May.

Hello??? ... still there? .. OK last bit.

I got a snotty letter today which filled me with alarm - enclosed were two amended front sheets that had been photocopied.

The first three paragraphs of the letter outlined my transgression, outlined the consequences of my transgression and the fact that I would not have my assignments marked in time ... hence no graduation. Cue the shaking hands, ashen features and general palpitations. I was told in no uncertain terms how pathetic/lazy/wicked/ criminally insane I was.

Then, at the bottom of the letter (which if it could have combusted and burnt me to death would have done) was this little paragraph ... see what you think

"However * has found the time to help me fill in the necessary information on the front sheet. Please do look at it and note what is needed for future work. I am not promising to do this in future. It may be that if I get more work from you without a correctly filled in front sheet you will get it back for completion and so miss the marking point. I do hope this will not happen."

Well f**k me! I was livid. Talk about I'm OK You're NOT (OH NO MOST DEFINITELY NOT) OK. Am I over reacting? Or was that anally retentive, jobsworth, big bullying teacher stuff. The assingments had been sent for marking after all, and all that was required was a 10 second ammendment to the short title. I felt and still feel about 4years old, humiliated and shamed. I may as well have wet my pants.


Anonymous said...

That's un-bef**king-lievable, what a pile of shite, honestly!

Perhaps this individual missed their true vocation, as a traffic warden. This is clearly some sort of small minded power trip, way beneath those with any modicum of self awareness.

Which bloody part of I'm okay, you're okay do they not understand? I wonder if it is possibly to maintain a bollocksy I'm Okay, you're okay stance while shoving the front sheet up the examiner's arse?

Send them to me QV and I will won't miss them and hit the wall.

Fume, fume, all-that-is-wrong-with-TA, fume.

Arse, growl. Bunch of fannies.

Hugs to you, {{{QV}}}}}


Anonymous said...

Didn't you know??? The bureaucracy of the institution is more important than any knowledge, expertise or the ability to help people. (probably why are world is falling apart.)


trousers said...

Oof. I'm not surprised your blood's boiling. Keep the letter for a while and just keep sticking two fingers up to it (well that's what I would do, then eventually - after some weeks - slowly rip it into little pieces and burn it, like the well-balanced person that I am): it's horrible when something or someone makes you feel like that.

So needless as well. Tossers.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry you have to deal with such twats.


DJ Kirkby said...

Hello? Your mentor would be better termed your 'tormentor', where is the support? How patronising, condescening and unkind is it possbile to be? Like Kahles said..Twat!

Böbø said...

OK, I'm a bit pissed right now ... not my fault, honest. It was the curry that made me do it.

Anyhow, your post made no sense whatsoever. Which I think is a reflection on the petty minded toss pot wanker bollecksy shite that you'd expect from some lower life form on a bad day (not that they're not I'm OK, You're OK ... just that they are clearly retards in some way that is probably offensive to real retards who have to struggle with their pervasive development disorder).

Anyhow, I just wanted to say, fuck 'em.

I'm going for a lie down now.......

Queen Vixen said...

Hull: Thank you for your support. I needed to check out whether it was just me. I am going to write and complain - just waiting to get my essays back first lol

Craig: Its sad but true - so many people have investments in maintaining outdated or unhelpful structures. Not seeing the spirit but applying the 'letter' of the Law.

Trousers: Cheers! I do feel better for knowing that others would have had the same reaction. Letter buring is good - once it has been used in evidence.

Kahless: Twats says it all!

dj: Thanks for the understanding. This particular individual rules the roost with a rod of iron and wears authority like a crown.

Bobo: I appreciate your anger on my behalf. No problem with being pissed - loved the rant!

hedgewizard said...

Ah, I see you're beginning to get the feel for this now. Welcome to academia!

Lady in red said...