Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh my goodness - what a struggle!

Today was the day I had set aside to write Section B of my psychotherapy dissertation. It is the shortest (and easiest) section - "Your training and personal development."

Easy my arse!

I have wrested with it all day and only just finished. Bloody Hell! What a pain in the neck. So this is how it went:-

Tap away at the key board - 200 words

Fiddle on facebook

50 words

Make a cuppa

20 words

Phone a friend
Check the blog

70 words


300 words


Back to essay - have a read

Check phone
Face book
Get berated by daughter for being on Facebook

150 words

Cup of tea
Check phone
Vow not to look at Facebook

Bang head on desk

Remaining words written.

I cant tell you how relieved I am that that is over. Oh my goodness! So now I am off for a bath, to shake and gibber and recover from the experience. I have been saving up a Lush bath bomb especially for the occasion.

So think of me in my state of post dissertation bliss - and post facebook binge. I am taking a glass of cider up there and am going to read the crappiest book I can find.

Have a great evening.... and whatever you do - don't even stray onto Facebook, you might never get out alive.


Anonymous said...

Facebook is like a bottomless vortex, the crack of doom which claims innocent souls at the most casual whim.

And.... it's a bloody goood way of time structuring when there are bollocksy things like dissertations [shudder] to write.

Well done you for finishing it in a day. Fantastic work, I really understand the struggle behind it too. It took me months of agitation to even put together my training log properly. No doubt that's another (yawn, fidgit) therapy issue for me lol.


Kahless said...

Well done for finishing it!!!! I am the same with such things.
As for faceook; i havent got an account; what is the pull?

Hedgewizard said...

I have a facebook account but have never been on there - and now I'm going to cancel it!

Lady in red said...

face book on how could you!!!

I got invited to face book several times and resisted then one day i gave in but couldn't see the attraction. Then at christmas it happened. too many spare hours I got sucked into it and biy its ard to get out again. I only have to leave it alone for a few hours and I start drowning in requests and notifications. currently the last tme I looked I had 778 requests I am now going through deleting as mucha s I can but even that takes time.

but I have just managed to write a whole post without looking at facebook although I have sen the little boxes telling me I ahve a new email from facebook.

good luck and hope you enjoyed your bath


Pixie said...

Ahh yes facebook! I'm banned by 22 yr old son from opening a real account other than to write the odd email to others on theirs, as it is just too sad for his mother to think she can go there.
Suits me don't have time for blogging let alone any other electronic communication network.
Well done on part B completed

trousers said...

Well done on getting the thing written - I loved the explanation of all the other distractions as you went along, it's so true!

I have a thing about Facebook in that I keep it to a minimum: so I don't add any applications or anything like that. Partially because I don't like all these things having access to my personal details: but the result is that I don't get sucked into the vortex.

Vi said...

Urgh, I can't be arsed with Facebook. The only good thing about it is I managed to get into contact with an old work colleague.

Enjoy the bath, book and cider! Just may do the same now, cause I've been reading blogs and submissions for the past 12 hours! (okay, that's my addiction!)

Böbø said...

Well done, Facebooking and Section B ... you could always run it by me so I can get some crafty ideas from it lol!

Queen Vixen said...

Hull: Its no coincidence that I have discovered facebook JUST at the moment when concentration is critical!!! Self sabotage as an art form.

Kahless: Dont do it! I dont know what the pull is either - its rubbish but I keep fiddling on it. Rather like eating chips - no good for you, but so so moreish.

Hedge: Wise man!

Lady: Listen to this woman she knows what she is talking about. I have to say I am ipressed by your popularity Lady - I need to add you as a friend!

Pix: Thanks Pix - electronic communication is both soothing and a bloody waste of time lol

Trousers: Have taken your sage advice and chopped a bunch of applications from my page. Will be very choosy from now on.

Vi: Blogging can be very time consuming. I never get on top of it. However I do find the creative outlet a positive thing.

Bobo: Crafty ideas for what, young Bobo? (sharp intake of breath) hehehe

Exmoorjane said...

Facebook? Aaaaaghhhhhhh. A friend w ho is a magazine editor lured me on, saying I HAD to be on it, networking blah-di-blah and yet, who do I get asking to be friends? People I spent years trying to get away from!!! I don't really 'get' it but I put it down to age!