Monday, December 24, 2007

Full Moon Magic

Every full moon I draw my guides and symbols for the month. When the moon is full the tides of intuition and magick flow at their strongest. It is a time for searching the subconscious, bringing that which is known but unseen into conscious awareness.

Last night I stood outside in the crisp Winter air and allowed the silver light of the moon to bathe my skin. She was so bright - no other lights were needed, and living in the countryside as I do, the stars could be seen shining brightly in the dark, dark vault of heaven.

Then I slipped inside, cast a simple circle with a staff and silent salutation to the four quarters; then drew my symbols.

My Goddess for this lunar month is Nut - for those that read me regularly you will know that I see the Goddess as symbolic of the life force of the planet. The power of the atom manifest in nature. To paraphrase the wonderful Starhawk, you don't 'believe' in a rock, it just is; So it is with Goddess energy. Nut appeals to me, her energy is what I need at this present time - with dissertation looming and a full time job on the cards, as well as dealing with complex emotional issues - Nut is Goddess of Mystery.

Reach for me
touch me
I am always beyond your grasp
Don't try to figure me out
for you can't
I am the ever-present unfathomable unknown
I am the immensity of the star-filled sky
I am beyond human comprehension
In the vastness of my being
I am a mystery
even to myself

This is really relevent to me, the beauty and the power of the words have touched me; it could have been written about me - well the bits that do not tap into narcissistic goddess hood! I do feel as if I am a mystery even to myself. Maybe that is why I analyse others - it brings me closer to understanding me.

We all have mystery within us. How fabulous! The mystery of life and the beauty of the universe is what is missing in the depths of depression, and the nightmare of constant anxiety. Mystery always needs to be restored to tread the path to health and fully experience life.

I wish you all a restful and happy Christmas, a serene and successful New Year; most of all I wish you all a great big portion of magical, elusive, exciting and inspiring Mystery.


Pixie said...

Sweet QV, such wonderful wisdom. Just hold on to it when you most need to.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and a really happy New year.
love and hugs

Lady in red said...

have a wonderful christmas dear


Kahless said...

Hope you dont mind me saying ut your new picture on your profile scares me!!!

Hope you had a good christmas.

Böbø said...

Enjoy the new season with your full majesty, Queen Vixen. Hope my small altar gifts are being put to good use.


Queen Vixen said...

Pix: I will Pix, thanks for the good wishes, have a great time in America - will call you shortly.

Lady: and you ... will be reading your blog regularly in the new year

Kahless: Sorry for the scary bits - the pic is relevent to me now. Galadriel resists the ring and in doing so connects with her power.

Bobo: Very good use my Lord Chamberlain. My majesty is intact.

Anonymous said...

QV - a beautiful post, and I hope you are enjoying much peace and clarity. C:)

Queen Vixen said...

Craig: Thank you very much Craig. Peace and clarity is where I am heading.

Anonymous said...

I felt inspired by your posting to do a tarot reading for myself. Among others, I drew a card to represent mystery in my life and the Postponement card appeared.

I sometimes put things off thinking they are too big or scary to achieve. In that sense, they become a mystery to me. How could anyone ever do them, they are so big?

Of course, the sensible way is to break them down into smaller steps. I am in that familiar, slightly stuck place, before I begin to do that. Just let me finish my next Curly Wurly lol.

Wishing you and your family a fruitful and enticing 2008


trousers said...

I like these musings on mystery, and on when it is missing. Good thoughts to come back to and reflect on. I envy your being able to stand outside beneath the stars and the moon in the countryside too, something I'm not able to do as often as I would like.

Best wishes to you for the New Year x

Queen Vixen said...

Hull: I know that feeling well, but I recently came across a quote that is now part of my daily mantras - "Hell is a place where things Freeze". Such a powerful truth! Self acceptance is the first part of changing that, (curly wurlies may help) then action! Wishing you the things that you need to grow and be happy.

Trousers: Thank you Trousers, to be able to look up at the stars without city light pollution is indeed a blessing and I do cherish it. Make sure you get enough of that in the new year :o)