Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Yule

The end of the year - and the beginning of a new one always inspires me to make changes, set goals, do things differently. Its a natural process that most of us go through. Gyms and slimming clubs brace themselves for the January rush, journals get kept religiously, and all sorts of fresh starts burst out of us as we seek to change!

This next year I am going to set a few goals - just a few as opposed to the 30 I set myself last year.

I am going to write my dissertation.
I am going to get a counselling job, as opposed to self employed insecurity.
I am going to acheive an ideal weight of 10 stone 2 lbs.
I am going to become more active spiritually - observe the festivals and moons, preferably in a new group
I am going to maintain and deepen my friendships

That will do for now.

I am also going to write more on my blog - use this space as an online Book of Shadows and share my enthusiasm for wicca,female energy and divinity,celebrating the masculine too!

I have been through a difficult time. Its been a rich learning process. This year I want to sparkle!


trousers said...

Good for you, and I look forward to seeing your writings. I might post similar on goals for the coming year: I'm not one for New Year resolutions, as such, but time off at Christmas to think and take stock (but not just that) means that I'll be thinking along those lines for all intents and purposes.

My best wishes over Yuletide x

Lady in red said...

I don't go in for new year resolutions either but I am looking forward to new beginnings in January.

I start my new career on 2nd Jan. Yesterday I treated myself to a new hairstyle (its taking a bit of getting used to). I shall get the diet back on track and the gym regime. Amazingly I only put on less than 1lb in the weeks I fell off the track.

But one of the biggest changes is that I finally worked out that I am happier without relying on a man to make me happy.

Lady in red said...

enjoy the festive season with your family and I look forward to reading more posts from you. :-D

Anonymous said...

OK... **grabbing my sunglasses**... sparkle away. C:)

(Pardon me. I have just come a really fun dinner where I probably had one too many... so double C:) )

Böbø said...

Well you can hardly not sparkle! And I like the new artwork.

Those are good goals. Glad you're blogging again, pushing energy outwards. I'll enjoy basking in it.

Yule blessings to you ♥♥♥ Queen Vixen ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Wow QV, you really know how to make an entrance, and on Yule too. Welcome back priestessy one, so pleased you are in a better place. Welcome back hon.

I am distracted waiting for Bobo to arrive, so I am off to the gym to join the other lycra zoomers. big hugs, H xxxx

Pixie said...

Lovely to see you looking so relaxed and sensous yesterday with Mr Vix.
I hope winter solstice brings all your dreams to frutition.
Looking forward to our nights' out next year.
Love you lots

Kahless said...

Dig the new avatar...full of sparkle.

And great to have you back in blogland.

Hedgewizard said...

Ha - I was just about to e-mail you to see how you were! Good to see you, er, out and about again. Knock 'em dead. But not literally. - HWz

JsTzznU said...

I too am glad your back =) Waiting with baited breath for your words ... Merry Christmas

DJ Kirkby said...

Good goals, they sound achievable. Love the new pic on your blog and the Yule wreath, nice.

Queen Vixen said...

Just left you all some personal comments, relevant to each of you and the bloody comments got lost, sooooo will be brief as I have already slaved over my intimacy and warmth lol

Trousers: Look forward to reading those goals. Best wishes to you too.

Lady: Good on yer girl.

Craig: Pickled eh? You should have said more lol

Bobo: Bask away Bobo - sparkle incoming.

Hull: aww thanks. Hang up the Lycra for a week.

Pix: Looking forward to our nights out as well. Thought I looked knackered the other day.

Kahless: Thanks for all your love and support in blogland. You are a constant!

Hedge: So now you dont have to email - bummer! lol Thanks for all your support hedge, you have been ace.

jstzznu: Welcome! Didnt know you had been reading me, will check out your blog.

dj: Us pagan bloggers have to stick together!

So there you are, rather brief compared to what I had put. Love you all.