Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Carol - therapy in action!

Yesterday I did my huge pile of ironing. It had been slowly brooding in the corner of the Snug and I knew that it had to be tackled. I also knew it was a good opportunity to drink Snowballs and watch something super Christmasy.

I had wrapped the last of my presents - there were lots of them, they were all shiny and elegant, beribboned and under the tree, (a glorious solstice pine festooned with baubles and pretty things). So with the last of the preparations taken care of it was time to iron. Now I dont mind ironing - the rhythmic nature of it is soothing, the folding of clothes, the warm comforting sound of the steam. Baby Vix loves it when I iron - she curls up on the sofa and we watch something together.

Yesterday, in order to be suitably festive, we chose A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart. It is utterly wonderful, and I highly recommend it; His one man show is even better so I have been told!

As I watched with all the usual emotion, I was aware of how this was a Script story for me. As a child I loved this tale, as an adult I am always struck by its genius and what a magnificent social commentary it was for its day. I used to read this story every Christmas as a kid - I was always going to wind up as a psychotherapist!!

What a tale of redemption, of change, of hope.

The ghost of Christmas Past deconfuses the Child, clarifies the impasse between Scrooges Be Strong parent driver behaviour and negative script messages inherited from a grief stricken father, dead mother and a host of schoolmasters, and his Child need to feel, to enjoy, to be important and to belong. The Ghost brilliantly enables Scrooge to do his Early Scene pieces.

The Ghost of Christmas Present continues the decontamination work of the Adult ego state, and enables Scrooge to receive good healthy Modelling of how to enjoy and to feel. He opens up the possibility of belonging by offering a reparitive parenting experience and a good healthy dose of reality testing.

The Ghost of Christmas Future confronts Scrooge's discounting (cathexis style for you TA people)he offers a projected outcome and the full horror that entails. He also employs a rather hypnotherapeutic style, taking Scrooge into the future, allowing him to anchor his redecision using negative reinforcement to drive home the necessity of change.

How marvelous it all is. Psycho babble (worthy therapy speak!)aside it is the most fabulous story. Every time Scrooge laughs for the first time following his salvation, the hairs stand up on my arms. I always want to dance around with joy when he embraces life, the season and himself for the first time in many years. I love it when he turns up at his nephews house, and experiences acceptance and reconciliation... and when Bob Cratchett gets his wage rise, well - I usually burst into a spontaneous round of applause.

I am a natural Saviour, not always a bad thing - has to be controlled to give space for others to make their journey in and with their own strength, but oh how I love to facilitate and witness that process, and jump for joy when the beauty of the soul emerges and decides to live!

"It was always said of him that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!"


Exmoorjane said...

Aah, it might take me a while to decode this into normal speak (!) but I get what you're saying and it makes me want to go see the film/read the book all over again. Snowballs? Huzzah. That takes me way back to childhood.... LIke you I haven't been in a blogging frame of mind for ages...not sure why really though maybe being slagged off by Rachel Johnson in the Sunday Times may have had something to do with it!!
Thank you SO much for your lovely comment on my, what an accolade - and from a mega-blogger too!
Hoping your Yuletide sparkles and that your resolutions all come to's to a fabulous 2008!
Blessings....and loads of love

Queen Vixen said...

Thank you Jane. I am so into snowballs this year - whopping through the advocat like nobody's business. How dare Rachel Johnson slag you off! - what did she say? [whisper and no one else will hear :o)]

Hope your yuletide sparkles too - you may even bump into Liz!

Goddess blessings to you and yours. Have the best time. Love xxx

trousers said...

Wow - I'd never quite seen it in those terms before (though I've been known to offer a few theories of my own on Bagpuss and Mr Benn, if not in such authentic therapy-speak as you eloquently expound here).

Anyway: Happy Christmas!! x

Exmoorjane said...

Sloe gin is my new downfall! Noooo, can't get into RJ - though suffice to say she read a blog on which I wasn't being very complimentary about her second home habit and braying children.....she emailed me, I emailed her - thought we had reached an amicable raprochement but evidently not - she got her revenge on the pages of a Sunday paper (hardly on the scale of a wee blog eh?!). So sitting on my hands, resisting the temptation to fire up the cauldron!!
Aaghh, no, only a matter of time before I bump into Liz, I'm sure....from now on I am going to be a sensible blogger and not mention ANYONE by name....
Off to a party now - with the most outrageous shoes in the world (on my feet). jxx

Queen Vixen said...

Trousers: Ooh please enlighten me. Bagpuss and Mr Benn are particular favourites of mine, although he was always the knight when I saw it, never the astronaut! Rats!

Happy Christmas to you Trousers - look forward to more Dave Bloggs next year.

Jane: Oh hehehe, understandable to blog about such matters - totally OVER THE TOP to do the national newspaper thing. Fire up the cauldron, go on - what is a column compared to a well thought out hex? Hope the party went well - and you cant beat killer shoes!