Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Powerful Week

Before I even turned over the energy card I had picked for the week I knew it was Power. I really like choosing that one. I have been feeling powerful of late.

This week I have my initiation. It will be done on Thursday - we are drafting in a High Priest to perform the ceremony. My bestest witchy friend is initiating too as part of her growth and development.

I have chosen my Goddess - Freyja - a Norse Goddess to reflect my Scandinavian heritage. I often meet her on my inner journeying. She is my higher self.

I am looking forward to the whole thing. Power is part of the picture! Initiation is empowering, especially being a woman - in wicca the female is first amongst equals.

I have my black cord, I believe there is some tying and blindfolding involved.

I will then take on the attributes of the Goddess chosen; the archetype develops in the subconscious.

You will have to tell me if you see a difference.

Samhain blessings to you all.


McBöbø said...

Good luck, my best buddy. May the initiation bring you the fruits of the witchly labours you have work so hard at over such a long time.

♥ QV ♥

Mei Del said...

i could do with some power ... been feeling a tad fragile lately myself.

anyway looking forward to hearing more x

Fire Byrd said...

OMG even more powerful than you already.... watch out world!
Hope it is just a fab experience and you come back .... well however yoy want really. Can't wait to hear all about it.
love you