Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Goddess - subject close to my heart

Just a quickie as I have just got it - poured a glass of wine and have my tea warming in the oven. Tepid food is always rather grizzly.

Full moon and Mei has reminded me to update you on my new goddess. Eurynome - goddess of ecstasy.

I have felt under a lot of pressure lately but its not going to stop me experiencing ecstasy. Pleasure is something I firmly believe in and it keeps me sane. It keeps anyone sane. Mental health is easy once you have cleared out the crap ... just do enough things that give you a sense of achievement, mastery and pleasure. A sense of self - sensual experience, ecstasy. I always attend to that aspect with all my clients.

I am a hedonistic pleasure junkie because its GOOD for me, for everyone. Who said life had to be tough! Life should be a pleasure not a chore. If you examine indigenous cultures they work for about three days a week - the rest of the time is spent socialising, engaged in spiritual practice or having fun.

Sounds like a recipe for good mental health! So get with the pleasure. Do something you enjoy - something that really hits that pleasure zone. Come join in the ecstasy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds easy!

But tell me, how do you figure out what you enjoy?

Queen Vixen said...

Things that give me a sense of joy and of self. The things that I am drawn too. That provoke well being. The things that my grouchy parent voice says "no you are too busy for that" about. Make the effort to do it and you will be rewarded.

One tip I use is to look at the books I collect, or the films I like. Usually there is a common theme.

When I feel connected to something other than myself - or things that give a feeling of omnipotence. Those are the things that are good for me. No harm is done - just a healthy fullfillment.

Fire Byrd said...

I'm all for pleasure any old time of the day, can't beat it.
Glad your in such a good space.
hugs xx

Mei Del said...

and i thought it was only people in tropical climes who know the meaning of pleasure, leisure and indulgence *grin*

Anonymous said...

I have written something for you over at mine. xx

Butch Boo said...

Good for you!! Fun and enjoyment- can't get enough of it!

sunny day said...

You certainly get my vote my lady and I have a similar philosophy of life!


trousers said...

Good to read this, especially in the midst of quite a busy time - I know that I need to book some days off to have something to look forward to, and to have some fun!

Queen Vixen said...

Fire: I am in a great space! Looking forward to my birthday bash!

Mei: Well pleasure, leisure and indulgence should be universal

Hull: Awww thanks - my little basket sounded lovely. I will be coming up to see you both next year. Still having trouble accessing your blog - cant work out why.

Butch: Yay! Great stuff. Checked out your blog and it made me smile! will be adding you too me dear!

Graff: Tempted to say ... why thank you my lord .. but wont, because its flirty - and thats naughty. hehehe since when did that ever stop me

Trousers: Days off sound a mighty fine idea - I do enjoy my busy pace. Still time to look at all the beauty around and within me :o)