Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I got a mwah!

Thanks dj for my mwah. Much needed and much appreciated.

I am supposed to be handing some out too. As I just got accused of getting all frisky and erotic (Nooo me?) I shall hand out a mwah to some of the fellas on my roll.

So Darlings ...

Silent Observer
Wow-like- Pow

You can all have a mwah. I know two of you are single, one considers himself single and the other is shrouded in mystery. So there you go - no guilty consciences there then.

Disclaimer: This was all done in the best possible taste, no malicious intent intended, no friskiness anywhere near the place and the being alone all night with cider did not feature one little bit.


trousers said...

Why thank you! Mwah! That's very nice of you :)

I notice you've been doing yet more blogging - I shall attend to the previous post soon enough.

Thanks again qv, much appreciated x

Kahless said...

Congratulations Vixen

Vi said...

Congrats on the award hon, now earn it by submitting to our blog book!!!!!!

Böbø said...

Yeah ... no friskiness, sure. I believe you. A whole stable of stallions might not. But I do!

Graffiti said...

Thanks QV and a big cheesy for you too.

Its funny how these things (pictures) circulate in the blogosphere.



Queen Vixen said...

Trousers: My pleasure!

Kahless: Cheers!

Vi: Have done - three times, hope you got them.

Bobo: Well thanks for your faith in me :o)

Graffiti: Like a virus?