Saturday, February 16, 2008

Distractions and Dissertations


First 5,000 words written and proof read. Referencing will come later once my supervisor has sent the first draft of the first bit back for ammending - always ammending to do!

I have battled through today with a hang over. My own stupid fault for drinking a whole bottle of wine last night and casting caution to the wind.

It has taken three days to write this bit - I have to admit it would have taken much less time if I had not have indulged in a particularly (snigger, giggle) naughty bit of distraction. I have been surfing google images for erotic art. Even as I tut at myself, and hang my head in mock shame I am aware of Bob and Mary Gouldings treatment suggestion for OCD - "instead of performing a ritual choose to have a sexual fantasy instead". So I did, lots of them all courtesy of good old Google.

The images are now stored in my own private stash on my computer and I may just post one or two on my blog. All are rather tastefull and stylish - so much more erotic than the explicit stuff, in my opinion anyway.

So there you have it, my confession - well actually not all of it, not one of the images were of men!

Make of that what you will.

Well I am off for a cup of tea and a lie down. The kitchen needs doing but I am pretending its in a parallel universe and therefore does not really exist in this dimension.


Vi said...

oooo, my whole HOUSE is in that parrellel universe! Only my computer, bath and bed aren't!

DJ Kirkby said...

I love your concept of housework being in a parrallel universe! That must be where my duster lives! Love the little erotic pic, very nice.

Böbø said...

You're a very naughty naughty ♥Queenie♥! Your OCD argument is a cunning one, with only one minor flaw ... you're not obsessive compulsive, and so hardly need the curative powers of erotic fantasy!

Queen Vixen said...

Vi: I salute that level of denial lol Good for you!

dj: Leave the duster there permanently I say!

Bobo: Oh shucks Bobo, am I really that naughty? I have a fair amount of 'Be Perfect' personality driver - doesnt that get me off the hook? Erotic fantasy is favourite prescription ;o)

trousers said...

Trouble is I wonder if some people might blur the boundaries between performing a ritual and having a sexual fantasy, and end up in all sorts of trouble!

Nice picture and yes, very tasteful.

Anonymous said...

OMG, just what is that pussy up to lol?


Anonymous said...

OMG, just what is that pussy up to lol?


Queen Vixen said...

Trousers: That was one of the most tasteful - I shall sprinkle in a few of the others over the next few posts - just to be extra naughty. Rituals ... sexual fantasies ... yep sounds like a good old wiccan social event.

Hull: Pussy is being sweet and loving ..bless!