Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sorry for the silence

My computer has been poorly and I have had to have it completely reconfigured; a grizzly business which has meant that all my programmes have been wiped out. My software has gone missing and I cannot do even half of the things I used to do.

What is more my loyal subjects have been really miffed, no Queenie to entertain - maybe that is a slight exaggeration, only the one has actually complained. So I am back - and I will endeavour to be far more prolific. My blog shy behaviour, apart from the computer issue, has been down to having to write assignments and prepare for a big post grad exam which is scheduled for early October. Plenty of time I hear you say, well its not so there!

My next post will be about Beltaine, recent festival - May 1st. Lots of passion, lots of sex, lots of fire. Think May poles, green men and general Wicker manesque behaviour. Great fun!

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