Monday, April 09, 2007

Thoughts on Air

Tis the time of the Air Element at the present, it stretches from Feb 2nd to April 30th and is a time of clarity, movement, intellectual endeavour and new beginnings. I like all of this 'wheel of the year' stuff it brings order - and focus! Scales the mountain of life down into acheivable chunks till before you know it, you are on top of the word.

So Air then, air is symbolised by a bright Spring day, dawn and fresh breezes. It is a time to get your academic stuff done and dusted.

"Hail to the Guardians of the East
Ancient spirits of Air
Power of thought, intellect and imagination
Spring and sunrise - bright new beginnings
Mountain tops, and windy plains - clouds scudding accross a clear blue sky
The joy of frangrance and incense rising
The breeze and the hurricane
The lilting song of the pipes - life and breath
Travel, freedom and discovery
Lively, logical, ever changing
Join us and honour us with your presence
Hail and welcome"

Penned that one myself and is a useful invocation for clearing away the cobwebs, and getting the intellectual muscles flexed and ready for action.

This time of year is also a time for cutting away all the dross that no longer serves you in your life. See clearly, get rid, move on - sort it! Do it with conviction and make a good clean break away from that which is toxic, and clings - dragging you down, sapping your energy, you get the picture.

Symbols of Air are the Sword and the Athame (ritual knife). I own both, and they can come in very handy. Whether you want to cut away the ties that bind, in a metaphorical sense you understand - or use them as a very effective bedroom prop. (It didnt take me long, did it?!) They are both impressive and empowering. I am all for being empowered!!

Anyway, is that enough? Dont want to get all teachy now. Go out and be invigourated. More later ....

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