Thursday, May 31, 2007

Assignment girl

Writing assignments sucks! I am a hermit at the moment. Living my lonely little life shuffling into my office and sitting in front of my computer, hollow eyes, ashen skin - having to dredge up worthy words to satisfy my University Masters. Oh grizzly! What a fate - and it serves me right. I have saved up my work until the last 6 weeks of my course. I have ignored all the time I had to write at my own pace, to do my research over years and months. I swapped that for this drudgery. Play now - Pay later! Thats my motto and boy am I forking up big style now.

I have two assignments to go - then preparation for my oral, then 4 years of learning journals in retrospect - eeek! Oh Queeny why do you do it to yourself!

I suspect I love the thrill of being a hero; of being able to swagger about and say, "well I wrote 6 assignments in 6 weeks!" with the psychological message of "I am a bloody genius (I bet you couldnt do it)". How shallow that little triumph now seems as I divert attention from my task by writing this blog - such is the horror of the essay title.

Outside the spring bursts forth, life is luxuriating in itself. The sun shines, the lambs bleat, the trees blossom and I am stuck inside dredging up case illustrations to justify each of my identified therapeutic purposes!

Hey ho - got to be done, not long till the strutting in triumph.


l-q-s said...

Oh, that's nasty. Still, when it's done, it's done. As a last minute worker, you have my empathy - if not my sympathy. I've sat and said the same thing to myself too many times in the past and knowing that you knew this would happen is never the kick in the arse it should be, is it? :)

Best of luck with it all though.

Queen Vixen said...

Thank I-q-s, its a grizzly old business and like you say, being forewarned of such sloppy self sabotaging behaviour is no buffer against doing it again, and again, and again. Thanks for your empathy - thanks for your sympathy. It will all be over in July. Oh and I would cry into my cider but I have given up alchohol too ... in for a penny in for a pound. May as well do misery in style!