Thursday, May 10, 2007


I did nothing today. Zilch, zip - bugger all! Idled about in bed till about 10am, went into Derby for a cooked breakfast. Did a bit of shopping, came home and went to sleep.

Went running, then cooked a meal and finally did do a bit of work (saw a client - why does that always sound so dodgy?) Have faffed about on t'internet since 9pm. About to go to bed. Its not good!

Tomorrow I hope to be more productive. Just seem to be stuck at the moment, I need a good kick up the arse. Even big grown up exams can't inspire me to be worthy.

Just want to be rebellious, listen to loud music and scuffle under my duvet. Help!


Böbø said...

I seem to be still waiting for tomorrow to come when you'll be more productive :)


Queen Vixen said...

Well I have a lot to contend with at the moment. Plus you my dear bobo have many distractions too. I shall do better, promise.

david santos said...
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Prada Pixie said...

So what are you doing with your life? Nothing since the 10th May?How are your fan club going to get their fix Ms vix!!!

Queen Vixen said...

Did two today, although one was teeny. The last post explains the lack of posts.

Glad to have you aboard Pixie!