Saturday, April 11, 2009

I will be blogging today - honest!

I have been down the black hole of CBT, full time (pressurised) job and the evil that is Facebook but as its the holidays I will be blogging again. Hopefully today if not then tomorrow. It all depends on fitting in a workout, having a bath and getting myself sorted before a night on the town with Trousers and Fire Byrd.

Will be catching up on all your lovely blogs too.


Lady in red said...

I guess facebook beat blogging then
thanks for the birthday wishes, I hope you three had a fun time.

Mei Del said...

dun bother with mine, it's all old news. xx

Queen Vixen said...

Lady: FB did not feature - I went out with trousers and fire byrd so things over took me :o)

Mei: Always worth bothering with yours!