Sunday, August 30, 2009

Its going to be a while

Hi Everyone. I am so damned busy that I am not getting any time to blog seriously. I could put up the odd post but I think its so rude not to then read all your lovely blogs and comment. So maybe I am falling between two stools. Not doing anything because I cant do it properly.

I will be back!


trousers said...

"I will be back!" - I'll hold you to that. Nice to see you post even just to say you haven't got the time to post. But yes, do come back as and when you're ready (and not a moment before), I look forward to a sprinkling of your wit, charm and thoughts on the world both on this blog and on the ones you visit.


Anonymous said...


Kahless said...

Seems like GTR is going to miss you by the length of her/his comment!

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DK Leather said...

Hope to see your return ~s~