Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well it was not so bad ... but wont be doing it again!

The anticipated blow up never happened. It nearly did, surprisingly on Xmas eve when my harridan mother commiserated with Mr Vix for having such a wayward wife - the waywardness was accepting a place on a course in London in the new year ... What?!!?

In fact she has no idea of the true Vixenlike behaviour that I get up to! Such a respectable exterior and such fabulous, finger-licking fun in reality.

I felt drained and worn out when they finally all left. Its horrid going back to an adapted place in order to keep the peace.

In fact I felt so drained I vowed to do something totally different the following day.

Wait for it ... I went to the Boxing day sales.

I have roundly rubbished the sales for many a year, scorning the consumerism, sneering at the commercialisation however I was so desperate to do something non traditional (for me) that I raced in there. It was great! No crowds - some wonderful bargains and a brand new start for my 'new me'wardrobe.

I have the book - Look ten years younger - Nicky Hamilton-Jones. Its a must! I have been told off on every page for letting myself go, being slovenly and bemoaning not being the true sparkly me while working my way through 3 bags of chips!

Enough of the excuses!

This year I get slim, I revamp my image and I stop clinging on to a view I had of myself 25 years ago.

I started today with THE WARDROBE CULL!!!

It was scary - very scary but I did it. Two bin liners full of hardly worn clothes are off to the charity shop. I now know what I have, I am realistic and inspired to show off my curves. Best way of doing that is to lose the stodge around my waist and hips. Plus, its important to look fabulous now and not feel guilty every time I open my cupboards and see a size 12 from yesteryear.

A year ago my focus was on friends and social life. Last year it was career. This year its my body! I achieved the other two and as I don't do failure anymore I am looking forward succeeding with this one.

Its something I just have to do!


Anonymous said...

So what did you buy? Sounds like an excellent counter to Christmas day obligations.

Mei Del said...

hey looking forward to eating less with you in the coming year xx

trousers said...

Excellent all round! Wishing you much success on getting yourself to the kind of shape that you want to get to.

And, in relation to the other post, I'm glad The Script didn't dominate your holiday. I had a very different (but very familiar) script lurking in the background for me, but naming it as a script helped to diminish it considerably.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh you braved the Boxing day sales? And had a wardrobe cull? I am impressed. I didn't do anything similar...

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I'm forcing myself to stay away from the sales. I hate crowds anyway, much too claustrophobic. Good luck in your goal for the coming year.

Lady in red said...

well done you on all counts

I don't think I have ever done the boxing day sales yet.

Anonymous said...

After reading this, I realized my life is ready to make the changes to my body I need to do...too often it's so easy to overlook yourself and concentrate on others, or like said career, instead of what's really important. My health and body are in for a full-out makeover! Last year I concentrated on my inside feeling better, now for the inside! Cheers to you and Happy New Year to You!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

darth sardonic said...

good for you, keep at it!

Queen Vixen said...

Hull: I bought a velvet jacket, a very histrionic cardigan, two spangly tops and one of those furry waistcoat things that gives the whole raquel welch effect

Mei: We can begin by eating less together on the 14th :o) Really looking forward to seeing you

Trousers: Well done for identifying and containing! You will be seeing a considerably slimmer Vix at the next blog party

dj: I did, I did - I was really proud. I keep opening my wardrobe and marvelling at the space

Wakeup: Thanks - the new year focus is going well and I am looking thinner in the face already. Good thing about boxing day is that there were no crowds. I was shocked!

Lady: Well I would recommend it, if only to shake off the bad 'relative' energy. Although not everyones folks will be as potty as mine

Myeyes: Thank you - and blessings to you with your body makeover. Getting the inside right is absolutely essential before work on the outside can begin in my experience - otherwise it all piles back on

Mystic: and to you! Hope its a good one.

Darth: I will Darth, and I am still thrilled everytime you comment :op