Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas needs to be a Script free zone!

I realised as I went about my chores yesterday that Christmas was turning into the same old depressing ritual.

I love my life - its full of love, friends, excitement and achievement - but yesterday was crap and getting crapper.

There was I ironing for England with the dusting, cleaning and various housework tasks to do. Not at all Christmasy. I was feeling like a regular Bob Cratchett. How come its so horrid every year? How come I cant seem to capture the magic? Reading Boo's Blog helped in the realisation that I was doing something that really was not me.

As I lay in bed last night it occured to me. I am suprised the intensity of the illumination did not light up the entire street - rather like Rudolph.

I am doing my Mom and Dad's script.

For as long as I can remember they clean the house from top to bottom ready for Christmas. I am simply following an introjected "how to" from my crusty old parents who would not be allowed to have a good time if it fell in their laps and wriggled about a bit.

So I decided. No more fag butt tidy up script for me! No more chores! Embrace the dust, celebrate the beauty of the clutter and admire the natural mandala of the bits on the carpet. Sod them. I am having a holiday!

Suprise! Suprise! I am like a tinsel covered Christmas fairy today. Its been great. I have pampered myself all day - bath, face pack, painted nails - relaxed! Cant wait to pack the sacks tonight - going to watch old Patrick Stewart strutting his stuff as Scrooge over a plate of fish and chips (no cooking either)and I am about to crack open a 4 pack of snowballs!

Christmas is officially a Script Free zone!


Fire Byrd said...

Honey you have a wonderful Christmas and remember don't buy into what others want of you tomorrow big time!]
Catch yer next year for a gossip
Love you loads

Anonymous said...

Good for you QV, pampering should always come first. Yesterday I watched Nigella's Christmas kitchen and I was practically spitting bricks afterwards. Just how much does that woman think she needs to do to please her family?

I have checked out Boo's blog and it is marvellous. Thank you for the recommendation

Queen Vixen said...

Fire: You have a great one too! There will be plenty of Goss!

Hull: I agree. There again I reckon she gets off on it ... therefore she has a secondary gain hee hee x