Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fancy expanding your mind?

I have been listening to Seth. Its fascinating stuff I can tell you! The kind of experience that puts your brain in a sack and gives it a damn good shake up.

I like it. In fact I more than like it - I am thinking of getting a couple of flags and bunting and pinning my colours to the mast.

Seth is a 'channelled' voice - a thought form from a parallel dimension. He speaks about the nature of all things, time, space, religion, creating reality based on beliefs... or he may be the subconscious brilliance of a 1960's poet.

I am inclined to plump for the former although many will hold with the latter.

So what does he say?

Religion is myth - a set of stories and metaphors to teach universal lessons. Yep - I will go with that one. Inner journeying is the only way to attain wisdom rather than have it dictated from a pulpit - again, sign me up for that point of view. We each create our own reality based on our belief system, thought equals matter, astral projection/dreams/intuition/creativity is journeying along our own probable identity streams etc etc

Plus all matter is seen as having a consciousness - a spirit, an intent,all part of a living breathing 'all that is'. Ahh yes - The Goddess alive and well and manifested in this physical corner of the multidimensional universe.

Like I say - brain, sack, shake, shake.

Good stuff.


trousers said...

I'm repeating myself here but bloody hell, it sounds like you're on fire once again! x

Anonymous said...

The force is strong within you...good read..ty

Exmoorjane said...

Seth eh? Second time he/she/it has come up in a very short time so obviously telling me something. I haven't read but did go through a big Lazarus phase a goodly while back.
Yes, but of course to Religion is myth......and the rest of it....

It has been WAY too long since I've visited - apologies. Sounds like there's a pack of good stuff going on right now - huge congratulations on your initiation too.