Monday, September 15, 2008

Full moon - new guides. guides being symbolic representations of the part of the psyche that are relevant to this particular stage of my journey.

Oh shut up Vixen!

Every new moon I light candles, perform a small ritual and pick my guides for the month. As there are no such things as coincidences (in my universe) then I really do pay attention to the symbols that I pick. If we are all plugged into a matrix of energy and thought is the means by which we affect our reality then the reflection in the cards can be very helpful.

This moon is a biggie for me. I have my interview for THE job on Wednesday, my son goes off to university and I have second installment of CBT training in Oxford. Plus lots of other events. So the guides for this month are particularly important.

My Goddess was Lady of Beasts - Relationship

I desire union
in ways comfortable and appropriate
I open to the dance with another
knowing that it will take me
to all the places I fear
some of the places I love
many of the places that need healing.
I listen with the ears of my heart
and communicate from a place of self-knowing
I consciously give myself away
and know how to take myself back
I see myself reflected
so perfectly in the other
that I begin my most important journey
to seek out and claim
more of who I am

Goddess Oracle Amy Sophia Marashinsky

My animal guide is CAT - guardianship, detachment and sensuality.

Cat unites the spirit world with highly developed sensuality. Thats me all over! I do not believe that spirituality has to be divorced from sensuality and the pleasures of the body. In fact the most incredible spiritual experiences can be based and expressed through sensuality. This is true in my life.

My plant guide is YARROW - fidelity, masculinity and virility

Yarrow is sacred to the Horned one - the epitome of masculine strenth. Strongly sexual. It also points to a powerful, virile figure that may become more important to me ... eeeh I am in for a good month!

As I am going for my interview I need to draw together the lessons of the random. Lady of the Beasts shows me I must focus on the relationships I have already built, my team at work love me - we work well. Cat teaches me that my physical presence is as important as any theory and Yarrow invites me to take what is mine. Be The Lord - the masculine force. Do not be afraid to show my potency.

So there you are. I have had fun - hope my sharing will have piqued your interest a little.

Full moon is a magical time. Enjoy!


trousers said...

That's highly-charged stuff, sounds like you're on fire! By the looks of it, it's quite a journey at the moment. I wish you the very best for Wednesday x

I would agree with the bit about spirituality and sensuality too, I don't see any contradiction there at all.

Anonymous said...

You are cooking on gas, how exciting. We will be thinking of you on Wednesday.


Joe said...

It piqued my interest more than a little.

Found you via another blog. Good luck on your interview. Sounds like you're well prepared for success!

DJ Kirkby said...

Good luck for Wednesday and enjoy the celebrations that follow for the rest of the month.

Fire Byrd said...

Thinking of you for tomorrow.And hope that whatever you went you get.

Anonymous said...

So, how did it go? I would text you, but I don't have your new mobi number.



Mei Del said...

i loved that full moon when it showed - simply gorgeous, and then later a lot of cloud swirling in front of it - magical!

Fire Byrd said...

You are the cleverest of them all!!!
You did good kid.... so that's a lot of celebrating we'll be doing at the Bridge!

Queen Vixen said...

Hey - guys. So sorry for not replying, yet.

I did get the job - then got the flu.

Will get back in the captians chair this week.



goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

Joe said...

Congratulations. Hope you're feeling better.

Queen Vixen said...

Gooood girl: Well ... I couldnt find your blog for a start off.

Joe: Thanks a lot. Its been a long fight. I feel better physically maybe not so chipper on the emotional front (See above grrrrr)