Sunday, February 08, 2009

Snowing Again!

I must admit I do like the snow. I know it buggers up the roads and stuff but I still feel like an excited kid when I see the snow falling.

It was Imbolc on Monday - midwinter. I see it as a festival of Earth - Earth sleeps but there is life in the belly. New life is about to be born.

The snow is the icing on the cake, and as Imbolc is a festival of the Maiden the whiteness of the snow is very fitting, and very pretty. How girlie am I?

PS: I managed to waste nearly two hours on face book this afternoon. I am not proud of it but needed to confess. Thankfully I feel a bit better about my time as I have managed to blog. I am really trying to post at least once a week.


Lady in red said...

I shall have to make a rare visit to facebook to see what you have been upto

I love the snow too as do most of my friends, it makes even the most dire place look clean and fresh until the thaw sets in that is.

Fire Byrd said...

I hate bloody snow.
And especially when it means I can't get across the hills to work so don't earn any money.
Or I can't go and have a weekend away in Devon.... GGGGRRRR!!!

trousers said...

I love the snow, but I did feel very anxious when it started to come down heavy earlier on, since I'm travelling tomorrow...

Butch Boo said...

I Love Love Love the snow!

I love the massive snow men/women dotted about the land sporting carrots for noses and carrying a smattering of dog poo!

I love how things sound in the snow- things sound a lot gentler- slightly muffled.

Yes- deffo oone who votes Yes for snow- yes for bringing London to a stand still and yes to having to work from home!



Queen Vixen said...

Lady: I must leave a comment on your wall!

Fire: The travel is the down side - no doubt about it

Trousers: Glad to hear you still access that Free Child energy when the flakes are falling

Butch: I'm with you on loving the snow. My daughter built a brilliant snowwoman - pink bra and everything. I was in London Thurs - it was moving but they were still all traumatised hehehe

nick said...

It's funny, when I was young schools were never closed because of snow and I don't remember feeling deprived. I guess I was happy enough playing in the snow after school and at weekends. Kids today are rather spoilt....

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing millions of people are breathing a sigh of relief that we seem to have a bit of a break from gruelling journies to work. Well I am, anyway.

I have continued to cycle to work, which does sound insane. However, I have discovered that the roads are often totally clear, even when pavements are treacherous. People have given me some funny looks though, but I don't mind cos I know I'm rock hard and extremely Scotterish lol.